Iran: The ’resistance’ lie and the fig leaf Putin caused to drop

Iran: The ’resistance’ lie and the fig leaf Putin caused to drop

Hazem al-Ameen wrote in his latest article in Al-Hayat that the Iranian exaggerated hate propaganda for Israel is a compensatory response to Iran’s deteriorating psychological state due to the fact that today in Syria, Tehran is unable to fixate its position alongside the Russian ally whose relationship with Tel Aviv has much improved.

The writer explains that Iran considering Tel Aviv attack a “huge accomplishment” and Ameen Maalouf’s appearance on Israeli TV a “huge betrayal” is necessary for Iran’s psychological balance.

The writer adds that Iran’s current state is not surprising for this newly formed alliance clearly proves that the whole conflict was simply a myth.

The writer argues that what happened in Syria is not just a slip that one can recover from; abandoning Russia as an ally means a sure defeat and remaining under its control exposes a lie of the age of the conflict.

The writer then mentions Schizophrenia, being a state Iran is in. Iranian media’s statements that Tehran is trying to distance itself from Moscow are false, because first Iran’s distancing from Russia means an immediate defeat for Tehran in Syria, and second, Russia’s and Israel’s newly founded friendship would marginalize Iran as they share their interests in the region.

Therefore, the writer explains that there is nothing wrong with Iran to establish a negative speech about Moscow and to, simultaneously, fight under the command of the Russian army in Syria. However, the writer adds that it is incorrect to believe that a departure is emerging between Moscow and Tehran in Syria.

The most obvious victim in the relationship between the Russians and Iran in Syria is the speech, and the latter has never been but only a fig leaf intended to hide underneath a tremendous amount of betrayal.

The writer concludes that what Putin did was to drop the fig leaf and scandalously expose Iran.