Tunisia made it again

Kais Saiid is Tunisia new president, He won in the runoff election by landscape

The one country you can see the Arab spring still hanging on

75% of voters chose Saiid, a low-profile law professor

He beated a charismatic media magnate Nabil Karoui

Thousands take to streets for celebration

Saiid thanked the youth

90% of 18- to 25-year-olds voted for Saied according to estimates

He thanked all who voted

Even those who voted against him

“This is freedom” he said

He vowed to build “New Tunisia”

Vowed to build new relation with neighboring countries

His first visit will be to Algeria

Tunisians were disappointed from many things

Economic performance and corruption were on top

Voters chose new faces

Not the old ones of government

Not the ones related to existing parties

The chose an independent scholar

Voters sent a clear message, expert said

We’re done with you, we’re done with the establishment and their failed promises”

Tunisia was the first to ignite the first Arab spring

Would it ignite Arab Spring 2.0 !