Syrian Crisis: The German Bundestag and the one-eyed politics

Syrian Crisis: The German Bundestag and the one-eyed politics

Massacres should be condemned whenever and wherever they happen, but it is more logical to condemn the live massacres which are being perpetrated on daily basis.

A quick look at the situation in Syria tells the whole story of the world’s hypocrisy. The most recent manifestation is the acknowledgment of the Armenian “genocide” by the German Parliament (Bundestag).

International media are buzzed by the news that the Bundestag overwhelmingly voted to label what happened with the Armenians in 1915 as “genocide”. Germany has become one of 27 countries in the world to acknowledge the incident as such. The other countries include France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, and Canada. The text of the Bundestag resolution used the word “genocide” in the headline and also said that Germany bears some guilt for doing nothing to “stop the killings” at the time.

In 2015, the Bundestag approved a military campaign, not against criminal Assad regime, but against ISIS in Syria, regardless of how many civilians these strikes would kill. Out of 598 German lawmakers, 445 backed the plan, while 146 didn’t and 7 abstained, and that was the first and last resolution by the Bundestag concerning Syria since 2011.

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The same Bundestag never pointed a finger at Assad’s massacres even after the tragic chemical attacks on some suburbs of Ghouta, near Damascus in August 2013, which killed more than 1,000 mainly women and children. The Bundestag after one year of that massacre made a voluntary contribution of 5 million Euros to the OPCW’s work on destroying Syria’s chemical weapons. The German parliament helped taking the weapons but did nothing to punish the criminal.

The Bundestag looked with a wide eye at a century-old “genocide”, while it is turning the other to the live genocide in Syria. Under this travesty of justice, Assad continues in committing massacres against the Syrian people every day. The German parliament is one of many other countries that have been ignoring this horrible war on Syrian civilians as they do nothing except threatening Assad, or giving speeches about combating terrorism.

As Syrians living their daily massacres, the world’s influential powers are so strict at labeling massacres and genocides, while they are baffling to stop a live one in Syria. The big question today: is there hope for Syrians that the world will prosecute their culprit even after 100 years from now?