Why did the UAE’s assassin commit suicide in Turkey?

Did Turkey prevent a new Khashoggi murder? Or was the new target someone from Turkey? Have the two crown princes become so reckless to go as far as attempting political assassinations?

One of the two spies sent to Istanbul by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Zaki Yusuf Hasan, who was caught and arrested by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) 10 days ago, committed suicide in the Silivri prison yesterday.

It remains to be seen whether he committed suicide to avoid testifying or out of fear that his employers would torture him to death for saying too much. We have no clear-cut information, but my opinion is that he talked, provided investigators with information, and committed suicide because he knew what would happen to him.

Because the manner in which Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed is a horrific example for both them and those hitmen.

They know the kind of end that awaits failure and blowing the whistle on their masters. Everybody saw during and after the Khashoggi murder the atrocity that these men are capable of committing.

A new Khashoggi murder? Or could the target this time be someone from Turkey?

He must have thought that one day he too would be dismembered and transferred somewhere in suitcases or be eliminated.

Why were those two Emirati spies sent to Istanbul?

Was a new murder similar to the Khashoggi murder going to be committed?

Were they going to kill or abduct an Arab dissident?

Were they tasked to re-form the operation team that was exposed after the Khashoggi murder?

Or were they preparing for another sensational assassination or bombing in Turkey?

Was the new target someone from Turkey? What is the Dahlan terror gang doing in Turkey? The matter should be taken very seriously

Looking at the developments before and after the March 31 elections, the networking within the country, the activities in the Aegean and East Mediterranean, the multinational organizations aimed at cornering Turkey in every area, the new tasks Saudi Arabian, UAE, and Egyptian intelligence organizations undertook in this comprehensive project, it is obvious that what we are facing is no insignificant matter.

What sort of covert operation were these men from Mohammed Dahlan’s team, part of the gang that poisoned Palestinian Yasser Arafat, who work for the joint aims of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, but are openly controlled by Israeli intelligence, preparing in Turkey? Were there others besides those two spies?

What relations do these people have with the circles I refer to as “native invaders”? Who did these people meet in Turkey, where did they go, what are their connections?

The two crown princes: Are Mohammed bin Salman, Mohammed bin Zayed paving the way for a new July 15?

Dahlan manages the hired hitmen and assassination and terror teams of the whole region. He is hired by Israeli, Egyptian, Saudi, UAE and U.S. intelligence. His team and he himself are under the complete control of Israeli intelligence.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed control the region’s most widespread terror and assassination teams, carry out covert operations, commit murders, and finance terrorist organizations.

This new axis conducts quite dirty businesses and open interventions in Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Algeria, Syria, and in almost every location of the region.

The anti-Turkey sentiment is so strong that they are attacking whatever belongs to Turkey. They even finance certain groups in Turkey and are forming the infrastructure of major operations like a new July 15 coup attempt, a new Gezi Park incident.

They were unleashed on the front against the Ottomans like this a century ago

Just as Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman are distributing assignments to terrorist organizations and assassination gangs, they themselves are also receiving tasks on behalf of the U.S. and Israel, and striving with all their might to prepare the whole region for their control. The UAE’s money, the Saudis’ power and Egypt’s intelligence means have been mobilized in this sense.

Turkey is facing the open enmity of these countries. These countries are standing against Turkey in every corner of the region. Their biggest goal is to stop Turkey and make it face great destruction.

Whoever stood with the British in World War I, whoever was standing against the Ottomans back then are now fighting against their grandchildren, the Turks.

The two crown princes have become so reckless that they may even attempt political assassinations

The matter is not limited to their anti-Turkey sentiment. The enormity committed by the two crown princes has long exceeded the limits of tolerance. They have become so reckless that if they could, they would target the political leaders of this country.

Turkey, which is trying to deal with the consecutive drills in the Aegean, the armament of the islands, the military buildup in the East Mediterranean and the besieging of Turkey, the hundreds-of-kilometers-long front in the north of Syria, also has to deal with the dirty businesses of these two crown princes, as well as Mohammed Dahlan’s terrorist gang, the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) organized dirty work against our country.

It is not only limited to terrorism or assassination. We are face-to-face with a great evil, from the collapse of the economy to being isolated from the region, from new internal invasions to media operations.

The Independent and assassins: Same money, same boss

For example, the alignment of the Independent and Sharq al-Awsat in Turkey and UAE spies are one and the same as they are organically sub-elements of the same structure. One is soft power, and the other is the most despicable of murder network.

The money is from the same source, the organization is from the same source, the administration is from the same source, instructions are from the same source, and the human resources used are from specially determined sources.

One commits murder, the other conducts mental operations. Both are carrying out open wars against our country.

The West’s and the two crown princes’ joint media attacks: This is not a media issue!

The official media outlets of four Western countries, such as the British BBC, German Deutsche Welle, French F24, the U.S.’s Voice of America are opening a joint YouTube channel to air broadcasts directly concerning Turkey. Why do you think they are doing this?

Why do you think Deutsche Welle is allocating a new budget worth millions of euros to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan? Why do you think FETÖ social media networks were re-organized in line with these developments before and after the March 31 local elections.?

Do the parallels between these formations and foreign media operations attract anybody’s attention? Can nobody see that this transgresses the media?

Doesn’t the relationship between these formations and intelligence operations disturb anybody? Forget about that relationship; overt operations are being conducted in this country; for how long can this be tolerated?

Can’t anybody trace the funds transferred to Turkey in this context? This is a new storm, the bigger picture is clear. The ‘Turkey axis’ must be strengthened

The grounds of a comprehensive “intervention” is being prepared. I am seeing intense efforts in every area. The activity abroad, the activity within, the dirtier developments linked to these activities… the picture is becoming clearer…

The “Turkey axis” should not be shaken but rather further strengthened. We are in a multi-front fight. This fight has no political party. This is a situation solely about “belonging to Turkey.” It is a situation concerning our political heritage, a legacy from the Seljuks to the Ottomans, to the Republic.

There is no longer a political identity above the “Turkey axis.” This will become clearer in the near future. Everyone should carefully review on whose side they are once more.

By: Ibrahim Karagul. The article was published in Yeni Safak Turkish newspaper on 30 April 2019