Column: Vladimir Putin, A US Hollywood star

Column: Vladimir Putin, A US Hollywood star

It is known that America’s Hollywood is the most powerful media weapon in the hands of the ruling institution in the US for decades now. It is not an entertaining commercial profitable company as it promotes itself, but the most dangerous media tool for the US.

Throughout its history, Hollywood played horrific roles in demonizing US enemies especially at the times of the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union. Hollywood succeeded in convincing the vast majority of the Americans and those in the West in general that the communist Russia was a cursed demon that the West must do its best to down it by all possible means. Hollywood used to show communists in its films as the being the worst symbols of evil in the world. We cannot forget what the famous American senator, Joseph McCarthy, did when he chased anyone suspected of sympathizing with the communists in the US; even the famous British actor Charlie Chaplin did not escape the then McCarthyism.

Some American men-of-letters, like the late Arthur Miller, ridiculed that American obsession in chasing those who sympathize with communists in his famous play The Crucible when it dealt with what he called “witch trials” as a metaphor for communists and their followers. Very briefly, Hollywood was the spearhead in the US media war against the Soviet Union.

How can we believe that the US now entered a new struggle with Russia if we know that Hollywood is preparing to produce a large movie about the life of the Russian president Vladimir Putin that might be started by the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the hero of the movie Titanic? Talking about a Russian-US struggle that foreshadows a 3rd world war starting from the Syrian arena does not harmonize with the new Hollywood trend to celebrate the Russian president or with the flirting language used by the US presidential candidate Donald Trump with Putin. This candidate stated more than once that he admires the Russian president’s personality and looks forward to dealing with him in case he wins the coming US presidential elections.

Had the US really entered a new cold war with Russia, as promoted by the trumpets of entrepreneurship, Hollywood would have been the first to demonize Russia and its new symbols and the famous American actor DiCaprio would not have met the Russian president to express his desire to play his character in the new Hollywood movie.

In a comment in the German paper Welt am Sonntag, DiCaprio said: “I am ready and very delighted to play the role of president Putin in any artistic work as that will be very interesting to me!”

DiCaprio made us recall that he was honored to meet Putin personally in St. Petersburg during the activities of the saving Siberian tigers few years ago. RIA Novosti reported that DiCaprio, while commenting on Russia and showing his impressions about it, renewed his increasing admiration and concluded by saying: “Playing the role of Russian leaders such as Lenin and Rasputin is extremely exciting and I believe more movies that narrate Russia’s history should be produced.”

One of the international film industry figures announced the filming Putin’s movie and it is expected that Knights Bridge Entertainment. The company will start shortly filming a narrative movie whose star is Putin. The company, which is located in the US, has not yet announced the name of the actor who will star the movie but has said there are four potential nominees and all of them are first class stars in the world. The star will play Putin in a movie produced by someone who gained two “Oscar” prizes.

We cannot also forget that the well-known American director Oliver Stone has previously directed a documentary about Vladimir Putin. The Russian director Igor Obacaonuk who assisted Oliver Stone in producing and directing the movie Snowden told Sputnik that undoubtedly the movie directed by Oliver Stone would be popular and loved by the audience especially in American. Oliver Stone announced two years ago his intention to film a documentary about the Russian president to show the Americans a different viewpoint concerning what is happening in the world.

When Hollywood and its US-likes approve celebrating the Russian president cinematically, we have to understand that the Russians and the Americans became allies dividing our area, especially Syria, in love and harmony. No wonder Putin was Israel’s Person of the Year 2015. What is strange, however, is that the people of “resistance” and entrepreneurship consider the American Hollywood Israeli Putin as the leader of their resistance axis.

Faisal Al-Kasim – Orient News