Algeria legislative elections 2017: Political parties authorized to form alliances under conditions

The political parties are authorized, in anticipation of the legislative elections of 4 May 2017, to form alliances provided that they are signed by the top officials of these parties, said Wednesday the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities in a communiqué.

“In view of the operation of submitting the applications and under the provisions of the article 94 of the organic law 16-10 of 25 August 2016 relating to the electoral system and in response to the concerns raised by some political parties concerning the forming of alliances, the Minister of Interior and Local Authorities informs these political parties that they can form alliances provided that they are signed by the first officials of the parties,” said the source.

“Justificatory documents constituting this alliance signed by the officials of the concerned political parties must be sent to the services of the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities and the High Independent Authority for Election Monitoring before depositing the candidacy lists so that to disseminate them at the level of electoral provinces and districts abroad,” said the communiqué.

Algerian opposition had threatened to boycott elections

Algerian opposition parties had unanimously agreed that results of May 2017 parliamentary elections are already settled for the sake of the two parties supporting President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Opposition parties were disappointed with the president’s rejection to respond to their demands in establishing an independent committee to follow up the elections. They suggested that the committee consist of figures known for their integrity and who have not worked in governmental bodies before. They added that the committee shall be assigned to supervise the electing operation aside from the authorities.

Instead, and by virtue of a new law, Bouteflika established a supreme authority to supervise the elections consisting of 400 people selected by the president.