Tunisian PM: Berlin terrorist attack must in no way affect Tunisian-German relations

“The terrorist attack committed by Anis Amri in Berlin should in no way affect the Tunisian-German relations. The perpetrator of this attack does not represent Tunisia, “Prime Minister Youssef Chahed  on Wednesday told the German public opinion.

 “I have managed to convince the German public opinion through the county’s media and senior officials of this position,” he said at the end of his two-day visit to Germany.
In the same context, Chahed said he called for the return of German tourists to Tunisia, in particular in light of the restoration of the security situation in the country and the security measures taken in tourist facilities.
In this regard, he announced the lifting of the state of emergency in three months.
On the other hand, the Prime Minister said he clearly emphasised Tunisia’s categorical opposition to the development of reception centres for irregular emigrants in Tunisia.
“It is necessary to avoid any confusion between the issue of migration and that of the terrorists returning from the hotbeds of tension especially from Libya and Syria,” he explained.
“The first case is regulated by emigration agreements, while the second is dealt with under the Anti-terrorism and Money Laundering Act,” he pointed out.
Anis Amri killed by Italian police

Anis Amri, the Tunisian suspect identified in the deadly attack on a Berlin Christmas market, died Friday, Dec. 23 in a shootout in Milan, according to Italian police.

The suspect was killed just after 3 a.m. local time, the Italian state police said on its Twitter feed.

When the man was asked for his papers by police, he pulled a .22-caliber gun out of his backpack and fired, according to the tweet. The driver of the police car returned fire, killing the suspect. A police officer was injured in the shootout, according to Italian police.
Amri, 24, had become a wanted man after Monday’s attack in Berlin that killed 12 people and injured 48. Though others could have been involved, Amri was the only suspect who had been publicly identified.