Israel fires patriot at a drone from Syria, misses it

Israel fires patriot at a drone from Syria, misses it

An unidentified unmanned aircraft violated Israel’s airspace over the Golan Heights on Sunday. Neither two Patriot missiles nor one air-to-air missile fired from an Israeli fighter reportedly managed to take down the mystery UAV that retreated into Syria.

The drone was reportedly spotted by Israeli air defenses as it was approaching Israeli airspace.

“Moments ago two Patriot air defense missiles were fired towards a drone which infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria,” the military said in a statement on Sunday.

An Israeli fighter jet was scrambled that bolted after the intruder and fired an air-to-air missile at it – also failing to hit the target, which flew back into Syrian airspace it had come from. The drone penetrated four kilometers into Israeli airspace, Haaretz reported.

The launches reportedly triggered air raid alarms across northern Israel.

A Channel 10 report says that a Hezbollah source claimed that the drone flight had been “part of an operation against Israel.” However, the IDF did assign blame to any party on Sunday.

Earlier this month, the Israeli army attacked two military targets on the Golan after stray fire damaged the security fence along the line.

Activist Beshr Ahmed reported that an Israeli force crossed the ceasefire line and advanced in the direction of the liberated areas in Qunaytra countryside and added that the Israeli forces started building ditches and barriers 300 meters away from the ceasefire line, making use of the UN forces absence.