The Turkey axis, Turkey alliance and the endless struggle: Column

UAE and Dahlan’s assassination teams… Who were you going to assassinate this time, emir? Istanbul has been seized. It’s not an election issue, but rather one of national security, asks columnist Ibrahim Karagul, in an article published on Yeni Safak Turkish newspaper.

Heed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words: “When the issue is a matter of the country’s survival, we must put aside our political differences and take action as the “Turkey alliance,” with the entire 82-million population.”

Something much beyond the results of the March 31 elections is being discussed. A “Turkey alliance” is being discussed. It is surprising that the president, the highest political figure in the country, is drawing attention to this.

I have been writing articles on the “Turkey axis” for two years now. I have been saying that regardless of your identity, whether you are a rightist, leftist, nationalist, Islamist, or conservative, there is such an identity above them all, and that this is the struggle we have been continuing on these lands for a millennium.

Era of ‘relentless resistance’ against the ‘multinational axis’

They built the “multinational axis” against the Turkey axis. We saw this in the Gezi Park events, in the Dec. 17-25, 2013 judicial coup attempt, and in the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. We saw this in the interventions carried out through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), through terrorism, and through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). We saw this – and continue to see it – when being sieged from the north of Syria, when being cornered from the Aegean and East Mediterranean. We saw this – and continue to see it – in the attacks made through Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, on behalf of the U.S. and Israel.

We are going through another one of the most relentless ages of Turkey’s millennium-old struggle. I called this “Relentless Resistance.” There is a new rising period, a new turn in history in Turkey, a nation that has escaped tutelage and returned to its history and claims.

‘Native invaders’

There is a “multinational front” striving to negate this and stop Turkey. This multinational front has “extensions,” “native invaders” within the country.

This year is the centenary of Turkey’s War of Independence. The Presidential Communication Department shared the centenary logo yesterday. The logo design is spectacular. It says, “Our fight will never end. Forever we will fight.”

And today, we are facing intense attacks both from within the country and from abroad, in an attempt to be sieged, to be stopped, to be collapsed once again. We have no other choice but to form a national understanding, awareness, stance and axis.

Those leaning on the ‘multinational front’ and threatening us

Hence, we call it the “Turkey axis.” Hence, we say the “Turkey axis” is the highest political identity. Hence, we are fighting in every area against the “multinational front.” Operations in every area in the Aegean, the Mediterranean, northern Syria, and the Arab world are linked to Turkey.

We are aware of this and are getting ready for those who are threatening our homeland while they lean on the “multinational front.”

This is the era of “relentless resistance,” of “endless resistance.” Everybody should look once more at where they stand. History has turned now, and it is no longer possible to “stop Turkey.” The whole world will see this.

Two UAE assassins: Who are you going to have killed this time, Mr. Prince?

The National Intelligence Organization captured the two spies who came to Turkey after Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder in Esenyurt.

Z.H. and S.S., who have close relations with Mohammed Dahlan, the Middle East’s hired hit-man, were found to be working as agents on behalf of the UAE. This is how the news report goes.

He is behind most of the terrorists organizations, the covert operations, unidentified murders, and killings conducted throughout the region.

He carries out the dirty business of foreign forces, works as the undertaker of intelligence networks; and he has extensions in every region from Sudan to Syria, Palestine to the Persian Gulf, and Turkey. He launders money, organizes the financing of terrorism, takes roles in the regime switching projects in the region, and is involved in every anti-Turkey operation – such as in the July 15 invasion and civil war attempt. This person is Mohammed Dahlan.

They were the ones who poisoned and killed Arafat

They were the ones who poisoned and killed Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Israeli intelligence and Dahlan’s men reached all the way into Arafat’s home and executed his personal bodyguards. Arafat was under threat, because as long as he was alive, Israel’s demands could not be fully applied in Palestine. Eliminating Arafat was likely Dahlan’s first terror task. Cooperation was made with Ariel Sharon, and Arafat was poisoned, after which he suffered a lengthy illness and died.

The intelligence center revealed all

Allow me to remind you of something: Dahlan was also involved in Israel’s first attempt to occupy Gaza and eliminate Hamas. But Hamas acted fast and took over the control in Gaza. That is where Dahlan’s intelligence center was caught red-handed and horrific truths were revealed. Countless documents were found on the relations between Dahlan, Israeli intelligence and Egyptian intelligence.

The Israeli attack targeting Gaza was conducted with the support of Dahlan and Egyptian intelligence. Israel, Egypt and Dahlan were carrying out massacres in Gaza, openly shipping weapons, and at the same time, carrying out covert operations with U.S. special units.

You will understand the history of the region to the extent that you can interpret such dark relations. For example, Shaykh Yasin being martyred during the morning prayer with a missile after a secret meeting in Ariel Sharon’s farm, followed by the assassination of the Hamas leader…

Dahlan was involved in July 15 too

Dahlan is one of the names behind the July 15 attacks on Turkey. In other words, he is an undertaker; in other words, he has been employed; in other words, his masters have given him certain duties. He played the role given to him in the global project aimed at toppling Erdoğan; he took part in the funding of the coup plotters in Turkey, and for months, he made plans and conducted meetings to this end. In this aspect, Dahlan is one of the people directly responsible for the July 15 attacks.

Now, as we are focused on assassins, it is time to take a look at the media operations the same axis is carrying out in Turkey. Because those who sent the assassins and those who are funding those media structures are one and the same. We are going to prove that the issue is not the media.

The two bosses of terror: Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman

Let us continue: Then, the UAE and Saudi Arabia stepped in – of course, in connection to Israeli intelligence. Dahlan and his men were employed once again as hired hitmen. The UAE-Saudi Arabia-Israel-Dahlan operations were exposed with the Khashoggi murder. They were caught red-handed. Yet, even though we had started to write all this a year before the Khashoggi murder, we could not draw anybody’s attention. Dahlan was now getting orders from UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Of course, they in their turn were receiving orders from U.S. and Israeli intelligence.

Wasn’t the Khashoggi murder enough? Who are you going to kill this time, prince?

This new axis is carrying out deep and destructive attacks from North Africa to Syria, from Sudan and Somalia to the Balkans, and of course all the way into Turkey. The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, with the U.S. and Israel backing them, are carrying out a widespread anti-Turkey operation, a war against Turkey, ranging from the military drills being carried out in the Aegean to the investments in Africa, from financing the PKK in Syria to transferring funds to certain places.

The two UAE spies caught in Istanbul are assassins. There are a lot more of them in Istanbul. It is essential that they too are captured. They were pursuing assassinations, abduction, or other shaking operations. A background check of the men caught has revealed that they received assassination and sabotage training.

Who were they going to assassinate? Were they going to explode bombs in Istanbul? Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman, for what purposes did you send these men to Turkey? Was the Khashoggi murder not enough for you? Who else are you going to have killed?

Somebody, please trace the money…They seized Istanbul. This is a national security issue.

A very in-depth plan was implemented in the March 31 Istanbul elections. This is not electoral fraud, but a coup, an intervention implemented through the ballot boxes. The election has been intervened, both domestically and from abroad, through an organization.

Istanbul has been seized. This is the continuation of July 15. The issue is beyond the election, beyond the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

The election must be re-done; this intervention on Turkey must be negated. The will and organization that surrendered Istanbul to FETÖ, to that multinational front must be analyzed. This matter, which will be further clarified in time, is now a national security issue.

The CHP’s mayoral candidate for Istanbul, Ekrem İmamoğlu, is a project. All of Turkey, as well as CHP followers, will very soon see the new phases of the project. The issue is a reality beyond the elections, beyond democracy. An intervention has been made, both on the elections and democracy, and a multinational project has been implemented. Turkey must spoil this game.