Trump’s Bloody Inauguration in the Middle East!

By: Abdullah Muradoğlu*

The U.S. Embassy moving to Jerusalem on the day Palestinians mourn the “Nakba” (Day of the Catastrophe) was an exceptionally very provocative move. On the same day, the Israeli army, taking courage from Trump, massacred more than 60 Palestinians and wounded thousands, blessing the opening ceremony of the embassy. History is going to write that the U.S. Embassy opened on May 14, 2018 with a bloody presentation.

The Israeli lobby has worked since the 1980s to have the U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem. Many Zionists, primarily king of casinos Sheldon Adelson, who is at the top of the list of America’s wealthy, invested in real estate billionaire Donald Trump and Evangelist Christian politician Mike Pence in the presidential elections. Adelson, who is known to be a passionate Zionist and also finances the institutions that support Israel’s agenda, made his dream come true with Trump. Adelson and his wife Miriam were honored guests of the opening ceremony.

The Democrat wing of the U.S. Congress was not represented at the opening ceremony of the embassy in Jerusalem. In representation of the U.S. government, the ceremony was attended by the deputy secretary of state and secretary of treasury. Jared Kushner, Israeli Ambassador David Friedman and Special Envoy for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt, and members of Trump’s so-called Middle East Peace Committee were at the ceremony. The discussions between the Mahmoud Abbas administration in Palestine and the committee ended as of December 2017, when Trump announced his Jerusalem decision. All three members of the committee are of Jewish origin. What’s more interesting is that these figures are the supporters of the illegal Israeli settlements on occupied lands. Greenblatt and Friedman are like family to Trump. Of course, Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka – who later converted to Judaism – was also at the ceremony with her husband Jared.

One of the strangest aspects of the ceremony were the prayers of the opening ceremony. In his prayer, Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress, who appeared more like an actor or comedian than a man of religion, lost himself and sanctified Israel. Jeffress, known for his Christian-Zionist identity, is one of Trump’s religious advisers. One other Evangelical pastor who had prayers said at the ceremony was John Hagee. Hagee is the head of the Christian Union for Israel (CUFI), one of the mass organizations that provide the greatest religious and political support for Israel. The CUFI, which trains Evangelical youth as supporters of Israel, has assumed a mission to fight against efforts to weaken relations between Israel and the U.S. The CUFI sees itself as a defense shield against the accusations aimed at Israel.

Hagee and Jeffress are famous for their scandalous speeches. In a speech, Hagee had said that he regards Hitler as a hunter that God sent for the Jews. Apparently, Jews, who turned to Palestine thanks to Hitler, founded Israel. As for Jeffress, in addition to his anti-Islam speeches, his listing people who are members of the Christian Mormon Church among those who will not enter heaven had drawn great reaction. The Republican Party’s 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, reacted to Jeffress, whom he describes as “fanatic,” speaking at the ceremony in representation of the government. Romney, who is accused of being a Mormon, drew the ire of Christian-Zionists. This refuelled the Evangelist-Mormon fight among Republican circles.

The Israeli lobby and Christian-Zionists, who have dreamed of a doomsday war in the Middle East, have taken control of the Republican Party and Trump. Not a single person from among the Democrats in Congress attending the ceremony in Jerusalem is being perceived as Trump having triggered a dangerous process in the Middle East. Only four Republican senators from Congress attended the ceremony. Nobody wants to get involved in this business. Some conservative, Republican and liberal writers who made reference to the massacred Palestinians accused Trump of getting blood on his hands. It is as bright as day that the embassy, which opened with a bloody ceremony, will not serve the slightest bit in establishing peace and calm.

Published in Yenisafak Turkish newspaper May,22