Column: Peoples defend homelands, not private farms

Column: Peoples defend homelands, not private farms
Bashar al-Assad

Assad regime propaganda, especially the so-called the resistance media in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran since the day the Syrian revolution started have been trying to depict the Syrian people’s uprising against despotism and dictatorship as if it were no more than an outside conspiracy by Israel, the USA and the regime’s foes in the world and that the Syrian people did not revolt as it has no reason to do so.

Some clowns in the resistance media went on to accuse the French thinker Bernard-Henri Lévy of plotting for the revolution in Syria and other places. It is the top of tommyrot and silliness to accuse one person, no matter who he might be, to be the reason behind whole revolutions. It is also a striking insult to peoples when depicted as mere flocks that can be guided by a foreign writer the way he desires where he can egg them on their leaders.

Not to upset the conspiracy theory followers in the resistance media outlets, I will agree with them for the sake of argument that the Syrian revolution is fabricated and that it is a big conspiracy on the regime because of the regime’s stances that support resistance against Zionism and imperialism. At the same time, however, I like to ask them: how did the majority of the Syrian people agreed to revolt against the regime if it was confident that it is the leader of resistance in the region? There is a contradiction in this opinion. Had the majority that revolted against the regime really believed that the regime was targeted because of its honorable stances in supporting the resistance, it would not have revolted. But, it is clear that the majority of Syrians do not believe the resistance lie claimed by the regime.

And if we agree for the sake of argument with the resistance claimers that what is happening in Syria is nothing but a conspiracy, not people’s revolution, why don’t the Zionist conspiracies succeed in any place other than Syria while Assad is the supposed leader?

Few weeks ago, the US conspired against the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and plotted a filthy military coup against him, but the American conspiracy failed although it aimed at doing in Turkey more than what the conspiracy did in Syria. The world’s hyenas tried to incite the Turkish people against Erdogan aiming at sabotaging Turkey. Turkish people, however, did not follow the conspiracies that targeted the president who honored his people and made his country internationally reputable. The people stood against the coup plotters, the enemies of the Turkish people, and foiled the conspiracy immediately.

In Syria, inciting Syrians against their government is easy as each Syrian has thousands of reasons to take revenge from the regime which tortured and wronged them and offered them nothing but poverty and oppression. That is why it was possible for any “no-one” from inside or outside to incite the people against its regime with the aim of destroying the country and spreading chaos and instability.

If we agree for the sake of argument with those who consider the Syrian revolution a conspiracy, one would wonder why the conspiracy succeeded in Syria, destroyed the country and displaced its people while it failed in Turkey and strengthened it!

The reason is simple: he who can help the plotters or foil them in any country is the head of the country; if he is loved by his people due to his wise leadership and the great achievements to his people and country, such as Erdogan, the conspiracy will certainly fail. It is impossible for a people to overturn on someone who honored it and improved its living conditions. However, if the regime did not achieve anything for its people except misery and torture at the hands of its intelligence arms, any ‘dog’ from outside will be able to incite the people to take revenge from the regime.

A Syrian official told me some years before the revolution broke out: “Pray for us the Syrian people will not revolt because the majority of Syrians have vengeance with the regime; no one in Syria escaped humiliation.”

If you do not want comparison with Turkey, I can set a simple example that happens to many of us in daily life. If your boss at work is fair and another person came to you who is a plotter and incited you against your boss, no doubt you will spit in his face. If your boss, however, was mean, no doubt you will insult him before the agitator and you might ask the agitator about the best way to take revenge from that despotic boss. So are peoples; if their governments and leaders were fair, they would defend them by all means. If the governments and leaders were mean and unfair, any simple incitement from outside will trigger the people to take revenge from its governments and leaders.

So do not blame the plotters whom you accuse of inciting people to revolt to achieve their private goals. Rather, you have to blame yourselves because with your despotic mean policies you made everyone, whether near or far, succeed in inciting your peoples against you.

It is a very simple equation: when the people sees that the government has become to a gang that is interested in itself only and does not care about its people, the people, in turn, will look for its own interest and will say to hell with the government and its gangsters.

In a nutshell, peoples defend homelands not private farms owned by a certain dictator even if the devil conspired on them.

Faisal al-Kasem – Orient News