Abu Dhabi’s non-oil trade with Saudi Arabia hits $4.6bn in 2016

The total value of non-oil trade between Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia reached Dh17 billion ($4.6 billion) in 11 months during 2016, based on statistics that focussed mainly on the imports through Abu Dhabi’s land, sea, and airports, a report said.

According to the official statistics, Saudi Arabia came in second place on the list of the countries that traded mainly in non-oil products with Abu Dhabi from January to November 2016, while China came first place in the list, reported Wam, the Emirates official news agency.

Trading ties between the entire UAE and Saudi Arabia are growing steadily, according to financial and economic experts. They also expect a future increase of trade between the two countries, which could further strengthen their overall economic ties.

The experts added that the increase in trade between the UAE and Saudi Arabia is consistent with the distinguished ties between both countries on different levels during previous decades. The joint economic and trade committees between the two countries have also contributed to facilitating the trade through various sea and land ports.

The value of trade exports of non-oil products from Abu Dhabi to Saudi Arabia reached around Dh3.62 billion during the 11 months of 2016, while the imports reached Dh10.7 billion.

The value of re-exported products from Abu Dhabi to Saudi Arabia reached around Dh2.8 billion during the same corresponding period in 2016.