An Emirati academic predicts an imminent Kurdish state, not only in Iraq

Abdul Khaleq Abdulla, an Emirati academic close to the government, said the establishment of a Kurdish state is imminent.

Abdul-Khaleq Abdulla published a map on Twitter showing what he said will be the future state of “Kurdistan Republic”, which will be having borders with six countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia.

Abdulla commented on the map, saying: “The Republic of Kurdistan, with a population of 30 million people, is coming, even if delayed for a few years.” In the same context, the UAE academic said, “Erdogan has no right to threaten Iraq’s Kurdistan with boycotting, blockade and declaring war,” Abdulla said, adding that the Kurds only practiced their legitimate right in a referendum to determine their fate peacefully and democratically.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi earlier said that the government in Baghdad had given the Kurdistan Regional Government three days to hand over control over the region’s airports to avoid an international air embargo.