Moroccan newly appointed PM ‘El-Othmani’: I Feel Strongly Supported

Saad Eddine El-Othmani spoke of the key role played by King Mohammed VI to unlock the situation and the “strong support of his party.”

El-Othmani gave his first foreign Media interview as newly appointed Head of Government on Wednesday. In a report in Spanish newspaper, Correo Diplomatico, he expressed his optimism about forming the government.

In his first interview with foreign media, Saad Eddine Othmani told Spanish news source, Correo Diplomatico, that he is “positive and optimistic” about the government’s formation.

Othmani spoke of his hand being extended to all parties and that he believes the process of forming a coalition government will need to be quick, as “Morocco cannot afford to keep waiting.”

“Fresh Breath”

He explained that Morocco is in a new, difficult international and regional reality and that the government’s formation is necessary for the country to move forward.

Othmani also referred to the political deadlock that lasted for five months under his predecessor. It was caused by numerous conditions set by the Secretary General of the National Rally of Independents, Aziz Akhannouch, and the Justice and Development party’s reluctance to accept them.

“We need a breath of fresh air and, in this sense, I want to point out that His Majesty King Mohamed VI has played a decisive role in unlocking the political situation,” the new Head of Government said.

Debate is not confusing

When asked how his nomination had been received within his party, Othmani replied, “We are a united party.” He added that “A lively debate with internal tensions should not be confused. It is natural that we debate a lot, it is in our democratic essence and it should be, as well as being included in our statutes,” he added.

Othmani also stressed that lively discussions are a healthy sign of progress-minded democracy. “We discuss, we criticize, but at the end we continue as a team the decisions that are taken by the representative bodies, which are what they are for.”

“The National Council of last March 18 ended up assuming with unanimity the orientations to form government. I sincerely feel strongly supported,” he concluded.