Why did the National Oath frighten you so much?

BY: İbrahim Karagül*

We are not the ones who turned fighting terrorism into a global political discourse and found more than one terrorist organization in almost every country. We are not the ones who settled in the heart of Mesopotamia and spread terror and violence in the entire region. We are not the ones who determined the 21st century as the century of disaster for the Middle East. We are not the ones who produced notions such as, “Muslims are going to fight among each other,” “The war is going to settle in the heart of Islam,” “Islamic civil war,” along with security strategies.You did all this, not us!

We are not the ones who committed torture with the love of worship in Abu Ghraib or Bagram. We are not the ones who traded slaves or establish secret torture centers. We are not the ones who dragged half of the world to war saying, “The times have changed, we are going to establish a new order for the 21st century,” calling it “The New American Century.”

We are not the ones who brought up on the agenda the new Sykes-Picot for the region and the New Sevres for Turkey. We are not the ones who made the quadruple division plan for Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. We are not the ones who recalled the World War I period to this region and serve the plans of dividing every country in the Middle East and around it.

You are the ones who did all this and more. The U.S. did it, the U.K. did it, the EU did it. You are the ones who brought invasion, pillage, plundering, massacres, separation and conflict to our geography with the motivation of the Crusades a century later. You are the ones who made the plan to join the Syria-Iraq map, divide the two countries into a few pieces and establish new states.

You are the ones sieging Turkey, hitting it through terrorism!

You are the ones who formed a band on the north of Iraq and Syria, stretching from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border, made the plan to build thick walls between Turkey and the Muslim world. You are the ones who made the plan to control this region through terrorist organizations and both siege Turkey and establish an oil-natural gas corridor, a pipeline corridor, a military garrison band.

You are the ones who tried to discipline through Daesh and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its Syrian offshoot, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Turkey, which you have suffocated inside for 40 years, making it impossible to breathe, trying to lock it within Anatolia and drown it there.

When you lost your power to design Turkey’s internal policy as you desire, you resorted to terrorist organizations, making partnerships with them, and you started hitting Turkey. You built terror headquarters on your borders, you armed them and showed Turkey to them as the target. You invaded Syrian and Iraqi territory through Daesh and the PKK and prepared the environment for your future plans.

You are the ones who planned the July 15 attack, you carried it out

You served the entire world an incredible lie like “Turkey supported” the Daesh members who you gathered from all European countries, who were organized by your intelligence agencies, who were passed through your airports and sent to Syria and Iraq. You tried to confuse the people through your inside partners and have Turkey declared as a “country that supports terrorism.”

Your intelligence agencies that used to control the slave traffic and torture traffic in the Afghanistan-Iraq invasion period were controlling Daesh traffic in the Syria issue and strengthening the PKK/PYD. While your intelligence agencies were organizing the terrorist attacks inside Turkey, you left states aside and declared terrorist organizations as your strategic partners.

And if all this was not enough, to destroy this country, which you are preparing to hit from the south, from the inside, you organized and carried out July 15, the harshest and most treacherous attack in Turkey’s history. You activated the coup and civil war scenario through Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists, the intelligence network you bred inside Turkey.

You were going to end Turkey, you got what you deserved

You were so sure of yourselves on the night of July 15 that you were lost for words when the coup attempt failed. You never prepared your answer because you never expected this possibility. You got caught red-handed, hence you kept quiet for a long time. Your plan to redesign Turkey, to shrink it after a century, resulted in a fiasco that night. The people of this country showed the world how it will deal with all your scenarios, what it will risk.

Then what did you do? You took under your protection the members of that terrorist group you used, the members of that intelligence network. You gathered them in the U.S. through Germany, through Europe, through your logistics sources in this county. The July 15 attack was directed from the U.S. and it was adjusted to kill this country’s president and start a civil war. Now all the apparatuses are gathered again in the U.S., the headquarters is still active there.

Ending the Euphrates Shield, keeping away from Mosul

After this failure, you gave your all your power to the south. You had no choice but to attack through Syria and Iraq. You showed that the Turkey-U.S. partnership, the strategic partnership was a complete fiasco. You declared the PKK/PYD as your partner instead of Turkey. You tried to prevent Ankara from taking its borders under control. You tried to prevent the Euphrates Shield which negated that terror corridor – if anything, you tried to slow it down and weaken it.

You excluded Turkey from the operation to clear Daesh from Mosul; you tried to keep it away. You made anti-Turkey campaigns through Baghdad, through Iranian militias, local organizations, and Kurdish nationalism. You supported this campaign with the U.S.-European media.

What did you think would happen? Was Turkey going to keep silent? Yes, this is what you expected. You tried to confuse Ankara with various alliance games. You openly threatened us and continue to threaten us by saying, “Stay away from Syria and Iraq.”

Now, you started National Oath discussions. You are provoking the region’s countries against Turkey, setting the organizations in the region against Turkey and using the National Oath paranoia in the U.S.-European media.

New Ottomanism did not work, let’s discuss the National Oath

“Turkey’s axis shifted” discussions did not stick. The “New Ottomanism” discussions did not stick. The “New unionism” discussions did not stick. You are the ones who started all these discussions. You first served it to the Western media, then you discussed it through your writers in Turkish media. When these failed, you created the National Oath discussion, attempting to sow the seeds of anti-Turkey sentiment in the region.

Apparently, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is practicing “aggressive nationalism.” Apparently, Turkey is turning toward aggressive nationalism. What should we have done, bow down to your invasion plans? There has been no tradition of bowing down on these lands for a millennium and don’t you dare forget that!

Now let me ask. Were you not the ones who brought down the folders from the shelves a hundred years ago? Don’t the U.S. and U.K. hold in their hands a Yemen folder, an Iraq folder, a Syria folder, an Afghanistan folder, a Jordan folder, a Saudi Arabia folder, a Turkey folder and an Iran folder? Aren’t all the operations today conducted in accordance with these folders?

No! Not so easy!

You are going to do all this and we are going to keep quiet, is that so? You are going to invade those regions through terrorist organizations and we are not going to say anything, is that so? You are going to redraw the maps of all countries and we are not going to look back to a century ago, is that so? You are going to set your mind to even dividing Turkey and we are going to keep still, is that right?

We only brought down a single folder just yet. The Euphrates Shield is going to continue. That siege is going to be broken from a couple more points. We are only building defense lines against your attacks and invasion plans. You are the ones invading. The U.S., U.K. and EU countries have the right to invasion in Iraq and Syria, but we should not even have a defense plan, is that so?

If you say Mosul/Kirkuk, we will say National Oath

The U.S. and U.K. can control Mosul, but we shouldn’t even remember our historical theories, is that so? Mosul and Kirkuk can be invaded through terrorist organizations, but we should keep quiet, is that so? Turkey’s intervention is a protection measure.

We will watch neither terrorist organizations nor invading powers to overtake these lands. We are going to struggle with all our might. Just as we ruined the corridor game with the Euphrates Shield, we are going to resist for Mosul-Kirkuk with the National Oath.

You may draw your maps, but this is the map we will bring to the table. Whether you like it or not, we will do this. That’s all!

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016)