5000 Yemeni fighters to join Saudi border guards

More than 5,000 Yemeni fighters have been recruited by the Saudi regime from Aden and other areas of southern Yemen, to fight alongside Saudi border guards,reported China’s Xinhua News.

“The newly-recruited Yemeni fighters will be deployed on the Saudi-Yemeni borders, particularly in the region of Najran that has witnessed intensified fighting and periodic Houthi bombardments”, reported Xinhua.

The sources said that the first batch of 350 Yemeni fighters left Aden on Sunday morning for an island in Eritrea, an African country across the Red Sea, where they will be transferred to the Saudi borders.

“The well-trained Yemeni fighters will play a vital role in confronting Houthi militias in the Saudi borders,” an intelligence officer said.

He also said Saudi Arabia has provided financial aid to support the recruitment campaign.

This new military step came days after US Secretary of State John Kerry called for a plan to end Yemen’s conflict and resume peace talks between the warring sides.