FETÖ’s deep connections…

BY: Tamer Korkmaz

Gülen Terror Organization (FETÖ) leader Fetullah Gülen was listed as one of “The World’s 100 Most Intellectuals Figures” in a 2008 edition of America’s global political magazine, Foreign Policy.

Edward Luttwak, one of the writers of the magazine, stated that the coup failed because “[President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan wasn’t killed.”

Emphasizing the strategical deficiencies of the junta, Luttwak advised that “the leader needed to be taken into custody or killed at the start of the attempt.”

Luttwak’s book, which can be described as a handbook to a coup, was published for the first time in 1969 and then published by Yaba Publishing in 1996 under the title “Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook.”

Luttwak was an adviser to former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Reagan, once an ordinary actor, later entered politics, became governor and finally moved on to become the president of the U.S. Reagan was a Freemason.

The Warren Commission, formed by President Johnson in 1964, was responsible for the cover-up of the deep truths behind John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. Many of the members of the commission, led by Earl Warren, including Gerald Ford were members of the masonic lodge.

Upon President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974, Gerald Ford became president and Nelson Rockefeller became vice president under him.

Rockefeller happened to be the brother of David Rockefeller, the head of the Barons.

Nelson Rockefeller was the president of the Rockefeller Commission (1975), which was supposedly investigating the Kennedy assassination and CIA activities…

Reagan, elected U.S. president in 1980, was one of the members of this commission!

Both the Rockefeller Commission and the Warren Commission scrupulously covered up the Kennedy assassination, the shadow U.S. state and the CIA truths.

John McCloy, one of the members of the Warren Commission, was a 33rd degree freemason just like FBI President Edgar Hoover.

McCloy, was the board director in 1953 to the Chase Manhattan Bank owned by the Rockefeller family. In 1952, with the initiatives of McCloy, the Atlantic Brucke Association was established in the U.S. colony Germany. Angela Merkel and Kai Diekmann, the Bild CEO (and Ertuğrul Ö.’s close friend) were members of the association.

Kasım Gülek, the masonic baron who registered Gülen to the masonic lodge in 1975, worked in Chase Manhattan Bank during his university years in Columbia University. He later studied at Cambridge University with a Rockefeller scholarship.

Robert Marrow, who worked in the CIA for decades, revealed in November 1992 that the Kennedy assassination was planned by the CIA.

Marrow accused FBI President Edgar Hoover and Kennedy’s Vice president Lyndon Johnson of being behind the assassination. Father Bush, who was brought to his position by the CIA in 1976, was accused with knowing all about the assassination but remaining quiet.

Father Bush was initially President Reagan’s vice president.

Then he became president for a term.

The U.S. House approved of a file in August 1992 to uncover some secret documents, but Father Bush left the statute hanging in midair.

The next President, Bill Clinton, dodged the column in this respect too!

Actor John Travolta, a member of the Scientology Cult in the U.S., acted as Bill Clinton in the 1998 make movie “Primary Colors.”

While Hillary Clinton (wife of Bill Clinton) struggles against Donald Trump to win the upcoming election, no one can overlook the fact that she is a favorite for FETÖ. FETÖ members living in the U.S. are donating fortunes to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

It was revealed that Adil Öksüz, the imam of the coup attempt, had donated$5,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Caspar Weinberger, U.S. secretary of defense during Reagan’s presidency, was trained by Gen. MacArthur, the famous general of World War II. Weinberger was Gen. MacArthur’s intelligence officer after the war ended.

(Kasım Gülek, the U.N.’s commission leader in Korea during the 1949-1950 period, became close friends with MacArthur.)

Caspar Weinberger wrote “The way to eliminating state or government leaders by killing them is open…” in the spring 2001 edition of the Strategic Review magazine.

President Erdoğan was on the top of the assassination list of the July 15 coup. He was the target of the assassination team in Marmaris.

Gülen, Mr. Hodjaefendi, was greatly disappointed after the coup attempt failed, but couldn’t hold himself from making an “assassination” implication in a speech he made later on.


*Tamer Korkmaz is a Turkish journalist who writes columns for Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper.

    (Published in Yeni Şafak on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016)