Saudi analyst: A Saudi nightmare in Yemen

The dream of Saudi Arabia concerning the stability of Yemen will turn into a nightmare, as “ Stability comes after the end of a war, regardless of its results,” said Torad Bin Said Alamary, a Saudi writer, in a column published in  Masr11 news website.

“It seems that the war in Yemen has entered an internal and international turn, which will prolong the war, and complicate the options and results.”

“The internationalization of the Yemeni crisis will reduce the opportunities of achieving the stability desired by Saudi Arabia, impose solutions which contradict Saudi Arabia’s stated goals, reduce the ceiling of claims, and also impose swaps in areas beyond Yemen”, said Alamary.

According to the Saudi writer, the Yemeni internal situation is more complicated than what Saudi Arabia and the coalition States expected. Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi’s character, popularity, control on the ground are far less than expected, and he is now facing strong opposition and fierce competition internally.


The pro-ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh Khabar Yemeni news agency  described the article as “more than a column by a Saudi writer in an Egyptian website.” The Saudi analyst, Torad Bin Said Alamary, indicated that “When diplomacy did not work, Saudi Arabia was forced to resort to war as a well-known alternative in foreign policy.”