Egyptian Authorities Bless and Participate in a Ceremony for Renaming “Taba Crossing” as “Begin Crossing”

38 years after signing Camp David Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel, the Zionist entity has changed the name of Taba border crossing along the Egyptian borders to become “Begin Crossing” to honor the memory of former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, reported Huffington Post.

According to Kol Yisrael government radio, “A ceremony was held to name the Taba border crossing, south of Eilat, in memory of former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who signed the Camp David Peace Treaty with Egypt.”

The ceremony was attended by Israel Minister of Transport Yisrael Katz, Egypt’s General Consul in Eilat, the executive head of the crossing, Eilat Mayor, representatives of Begin Heritage Center, Begin School, and other top officials from Egypt and Israel.

During the ceremony, Katz -Israel’s minister of transport- said there is nothing more fitting than to name the crossing between both countries for the Israeli prime minister Begin who signed the peace treaty with Egypt. He added,”Today, there are common interests between Israel and Egypt, the most important of which are the security interests and the common struggle against the Shiite, Iran, terrorism led by Daesh; accordingly, the peace treaty is the cornerstone of the common operations between Egypt and Israel.”

In fact, the ceremony has been held in an implementation to the Israeli Knesset decision that approved the initiative presented by the Knesset member Ayoub Kara(Likud).

According to the Knesset approval, the name changed from ‘Taba’ to ‘Begin’ crossings.

In addition, Kara asked for financial aid from the International Bank to establish a shared industrial zone between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan near Taba crossings, pointing that this zone will be a free trade area that will enhance the economy and peace between the three countries. Kara’s initiative was agreed by 84 members in the Knesset, whereas 19 members rejected and 17 members abstained.

Taba border crossing, which is located on the highway, is about 10 kilometers from the southern city of Eilat, is witnessing a significant increase in passengers traffic and activities 24 hours a day since its opening in September 1995. It is managed now by the Israeli Airports Authority.

A large number of Israelis cross the border to spend their vacation in the Gulf of Aqaba and Sinai Peninsula or to have a tour in the Christians Holy sites especially during the Thanksgiving, the Throne holidays and the summer months.

In addition, the participants in the ceremony announced organizing a permanent photo exhibition organized by Begin Heritage Center where it will present photos from signing the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. It will also include photos of the meetings held before signing the treaty and photos of Nobel Prize for peace which was given equally to Begin and the Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat.

In this context, Mohammed Saif al-Dawla-the researcher in Arab affairs- condemned the decision of naming Taba border crossing and the participation of the Egyptian officials in this Zionist ceremony saying that it is unacceptable to participate and bless changing the name of the Egyptian-Palestinian crossing to the name of a Zionist terrorist from Belarus.

He also added that Begin is one of the most dangerous Zionists terrorists who planned, led,and participated in dozens of Palestinian massacres as Deir Yassin massacre; one of the most brutal massacres.

Saif Al-Dawla described” the Egyptian authorities participation and blessing to these procedures as a “shameful action” as it aims to efface the Arab identity in the light of the Judaization and Israelization policies practiced by the occupation authorities every day.”

He pointed that Israelis pass through the crossing to Sinai and stay freely  for espionage, penetration, and destruction for 15 days without a visa according to Taba agreement one of the repercussions of Camp David and its catastrophes.

On the other hand, the Egyptian authorities continue to close Rafah border crossing for the Palestinians and deprive them of entering the Egyptian territories except by strict security procedures.

Since the military coup led by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi against the first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi, the relation between the al-Sisi regime and Israel has developed on the security and intelligence levels in Sinai Peninsula.

Moreover, al-Sisi regime is working on enhancing intimate diplomatic relation to open the way for full normalization. In his latest speech during the official inauguration of the Asyuit power plant, al-Sisi promised Israel “warmer” peace adding that Egypt is ready to mediate to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The latest visit by Egypt’s FM  Sameh Shoukry to Israel, which was the first state visit for an Egyptian foreign minister in nine years, yet it looked like the meeting of old friends and partners.They watched football together, exaggeratedly exchanged pleasantries, and met in Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv.