Should Turkey stand aside at such a turning point?


Following a period of artificial accusations that Turkey should have done more concerning international combat against Daesh, Ankara is now being asked to stay out of the ongoing operation against Daesh in Mosul.

Iraq’s Haider al-Abadi makes statements asking Ankara to stay out of Iraq, which has recently been a popular enclave for all kinds of terrorist organizations.

Baghdad, which handed Mosul over to Daesh in 2014 due to inaction that created a safe environment for the activities of Daesh, pretends it is a strong military power that coordinates combat against Mosul. The central Iraqi government, ignoring the fact that their country became ground zero for the formation of Daesh, now finds the “courage” to “order” Turkey out of Iraq. Recently, not far from a period of two years ago, Ankara was asked by Baghdad to provide support against terrorist factions. The Iraqi government was unable to defend its territory and was in need of Turkey’s military help to survive. They were honored by Turkey’s help to survive despite the actions of Daesh. Recently, the Iraqi administration “invented” the term “independence,” while tens of states, including Australia, take part in operations against Daesh. It is clear that the Iraqi government has been “whispered” to react against the presence of Turkey in the Mosul operation. Everybody in Ankara is very well aware of the plans of international hegemonic powers. And it is clear that staying in a compromising position without calculating the consequences of the ongoing plans for the countries near Turkey will mean losing everything.

So Turkey should not be expected to stay silent in such a circumstance where someone is planning to rewrite the history of its region. And it will not stand aside.


The western Black Sea town of Ereğli is my home town. Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to return to Ereğli after 26 years. In 1990, after graduating from high school more than a quarter of a century ago, I left for my university studies.

Returning after many years to that magnificent seaside town, I found a well-developed city that had become a business center as well as stunning with its natural beauties.

Walking along the sea, I thought that it is the most beautiful seaside walking area I have ever seen. Perhaps childhood memories beautified the image of this small city. It was as if time had stopped, opening a voyage in a time tunnel.

My primary school, our small family flat… All of the memories of a childhood waited to be brought to the surface. It was an amazing personal trip. But at the same time, a real surprise to see the development of this small town that had turned into a well-developed city.

One should absolutely visit this magnificent city to see the development standards of the country.


*SAADET ORUÇ is a Turkish journalist. She writes columns for Daily Sabah Turkish newspaper

(Published in Daily Sabah on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016)