Saudi Cabinet slams chemical attack in Syria, expresses support for US military strike

The Saudi Cabinet on Monday condemned the use of the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhun in Syria, which resulted in many deaths including children and women, committed by the Syrian regime and expressed full support to the recent US military operation against selected targets in Syria.

The Kingdom’s long-standing rejection of terrorism in all forms and manifestations was stressed upon. They condemned the two explosions in Egypt and similar terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Stockholm, Sweden, which resulted in several deaths and injuries.

The Cabinet also lauded the Arab Coalition forces’ support for restoration of peace and stability in Yemen as well as the Kingdom’s humanitarian efforts through King Salman Center for Humanitarian and Relief Aids, and stressed what the deputy crown prince highlighted earlier during his meeting with key Yemeni tribal chiefs that the Kingdom sees Yemen as strategic depth for the Arab and GCC countries as well as the Kingdom; and it is a duty to stand by the Yemeni people against Houthi aggression.

The Kingdom’s keenness to contribute to Arab joint action which was embodied in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also highlighted; it was for the establishment of a common Arab market for electricity, within 14 countries, during the 12th Arab ministerial council for electricity in Cairo.

The Cabinet also appreciated the king’s efforts to unify Arab and Muslim ranks in facing the difficult conditions experienced by Arab and Islamic countries.

He was praised for awarding Prince Naif, the Order of Arab Security at the conclusion of the 34th Arab Interior Ministers meeting in Tunis, for his leading role in supporting Arab and Islamic causes, and his efforts in preserving international peace and security.

The Cabinet noted recommendations and decisions issued at the Arab Interior Ministers meeting including Arab strategies on combating illegal use of drugs, terrorism, traffic safety and intellectual security.

On a local level, the Cabinet welcomed the announcement made by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on launching the largest cultural, sports and entertainment city in southwest Riyadh in support of Vision 2030, and diversifying the sources of national income.

Saudi Council of Senior Scholars condemns Egypt church attack

The Saudi Council of Senior Scholars on Monday strongly condemned the two church bombings claimed by Daesh, saying the attacks represented a “criminal act considered forbidden by Islamic consensus.”

“These bombings have violated several tenants of Islam; from treachery to sin and aggression,” the Council said in a statement. The statement added that eradicating terrorism and corruption requires cooperation, stressing that terrorism knows no country, nationality or religion.

“Muslims stand with the entire world in condemning this act. We need a sincere international cooperation to drain its (terrorism) sources and fight the groups behind it,” the Council added.

“The General Secretariat of Council of Senior Scholars declares that Islam is innocent of these acts, which are carried out by those with a deviant ideology.”

The Council said the security, stability, cohesion and strength of the Islamic and Arab worlds lie in the security, stability and cohesion of Egypt.