Khalifa Haftar meets with UAE’s Bin Zayed and introduces a ‘Muslim ban’ in east Libya

Libya’s rebel General Khalifa Haftar met with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, on Monday and reportedly banned the entry of the nationals of six Muslim-majority countries.

Hafter has reportedly imposed a ban on the entry of the nationals of six Muslim-majority countries. He met with Bin Zayed on Monday for discussing the “fight against terrorism” in Libya according to Libyan media reports.

It is noteworthy that The New Arab obtained a copy of an immigration order issued under the command of Haftar in this regard.

Forces loyal to the rebel general in control of east Libya, Khalifa Haftar, are reportedly enforcing an immigration ban against nationals from six Muslim-majority countries.

A missive, signed by an official at al-Abraq International Airport, forbids entry to all passport-holders from Yemen, Sudan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and Syria, according to The New Arab.

“Large numbers of travelers, especially Syrians and Pakistanis, do not hold residency permits or visas,” the order reads.

Captain Munir al-Harram, assistant to the head of passport control at the airport, confirmed the existence of the order to Libya’s al-Wasat News.

The order quotes a “decree from the general commander of the Libyan army” and is dated the April 4.

Haftar’s forces have been engaged in a prolonged war with Islamist fighters in Benghazi and other areas of east Libya over a two-year period.

Haftar has been fighting against the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, drawing resources from the UAE in his fight.