Who is pursuing the Turkey phase of the ‘Islamic civil war’ theory?

Ibrahim Karagül*

Personal gains have become prominent even before the martyrs’ blood could dry. Fake heroes and showmen have sprouted. Attempts and mental operations to dilute the matter have started.

Dastardly campaigns have been started that are daring and insolent enough to almost declare those who immediately understood a civil war scenario was being played out on July 15 and jumped in front of the tanks, shielded bullets, shed blood, died and revived the meaning of homeland, partners of the coup.

It will very soon be revealed that those who started this campaign and are running it actually have ties to that coup attempt and that their roads intersect somewhere the closer we get to the West. Perhaps the next scenario will be played out through them. The signals of this have started to become obvious.

They will be extras in the next scenario

But we know well who the hero is, who paid a price, who sacrificed themselves, what emotions and thoughts made them walk toward the bullets. We know well the kind of struggle in this country and who are trampling over that sacred fight.

We also know who are the ones hiding themselves even after July 15, waiting for the next scenario to be served like the showmen on TV screens, like their personal ambitions. We know what is being served through those feeding off our nation, our country’s deep history and foresight and even those who seem to be anti-coup, but run before everyone else. We know that these circles will probably be the actual extras of the following scenario.

July 15 is an attack never before seen in Turkey’s political history, Anatolia’s political history. There is no example of it on these lands. There is nothing similar to neither the scenario nor the dimension of the betrayal of the homeland. There is probably no example in history of the attempt to destroy Turkey from the inside, to invade it from the inside by a terrorist organization raised and made to wait for decades, using the legal channels of the system.

The ‘Islam will fight among itself’ scenario

This incident is not one that can be understood by taking the easy explanation of “[Fethullah] Gülen and his terrorists nestled within the Turkish Armed Forces [TSK] tried to stage a coup” and passing it off. The advanced stages of the Feb. 28 coup is an extremely complex scenario that is not limited to Gülen and his gang, and a completely multi-national scenario has been applied.

The Feb. 28 coup was a much more sophisticated program that changed the meaning of coup in Turkey. It was multi-national. It was a global-scale project. And immediately after it, security strategies similar to Feb. 28 were applied worldwide in the name of fighting terrorism and Islamist threat, with a global state of emergency announced.

Perhaps the “Islamist threat” that is the fundamental theory of Feb. 28 and the global state of emergency is going to be placed in front of these new extras and a new front will be opened from here. If this works, the “Islam will fight among itself” theory will be served in Turkey through these circles.

Opening the doors of civil war

We saw together the kind of destruction our region faced after Feb. 28. But back then nobody focused on the true nature of Feb. 28, nobody questioned it, its multi-national dimension almost remained a secret, it was hidden.

July 15 is a much more advanced project. Similar to Feb. 28, it was targeted to be implemented in Turkey. Let it be known that it is going to be followed by dire developments that are going to shake not only Turkey, but the entire region. Because this is how it has always been. Turkey’s being dragged into civil war will mean our region being dragged into a century-long war.

The plan has been shaped over this. Gülen and his gang were only given a tender. We are actually under a multi-national attack. Had they succeeded that night, they would have opened the doors to civil war. The aim would have been achieved and that last fort standing would have collapsed and the geography’s maps would have been redrawn.

They are the compound of this land, hidden forces

That is why those who took to the streets that night changed the flow of history. Those who stood up against the soldiers even before President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made the call to “go out to the streets”, knowing he would make the call, are the representatives of a deep foresight. They are the compound of these lands, the hidden forces.

This country is standing with this foresight, hidden force. In this state, certain “service staff,” groups, evil groups targeting this hidden force, is a new scenario post-July 15. Their attitude corresponds to the coup attempt, civil war scenario. Perhaps the service after July 15 has been shaped in this direction.

Who are the secret partners of the July 15 coup?

I personally believe that everybody who is belittling and wanting to neutralize the uprising of millions against the heavy assault aimed at our country has a role in the post-coup project. I believe that the texts and talks aimed at concealing the multi-national dimension of July 15 are also ordered within the same framework.

Some are not only hiding the cryptos, the dynamic forces to be used in the next intervention, they are also trying to prepare the environment for the next scenario through those carrying out a campaign in this direction. Trying to make people forget and render meaningless an attack as heavy as this in only a month, gives strong clues of what the “close danger” may be.

‘Turkey without Erdoğan’ is the US and EU’s joint project

I will write it over and over again:

The U.S. is behind this attempt. Some European countries are behind it.

This is a multi-national project. It is not limited to changing the internal government alone, it is a Turkey design. The U.S. and Europe have tasked terrorist organizations with such roles as much as they have Gülen and his gang. They are all in alliance for a Turkey without Erdoğan and have made plans for after the coup attempt. They were caught red-handed and revealed. And because they planned for certain success, they did not prepare post-failure statements and were left very badly out in the cold.

The previous coups were planned among a restricted military cadre. Feb. 28 was also planned by the U.S. and Israel far-right with a small cadre within the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). This time, it was planned with the Gülen team. But is that all? Were there only Gülen-affiliated soldiers? Or what kind of position was taken in the July 15 attempt by those who hold U.S. and NATO priorities over Turkey’s priorities? What kind of position will they take after this?

It is quite normal for those whose coup plans until now have all been successful to not calculate in failure. This was the mistake that made them get caught in the act. Turkey should know all this and see this picture. It should foresee what could happen after this and prepare accordingly.

Don’t say ‘It’s over’; it’s not over…

Do not loosen up. Similar to the Gezi Park incidents and after the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 attempts, do not say “it is over.” It’s not over and will not be over. We are going to go through this life-or-death showdown in the most painful way and fight for it for a long time.

After the Gezi incidents and Dec. 17, everything was pushed under the carpet. There was not a single sound report in relation to the Gezi incidents. The kind of project implemented was not discussed in any way. Nothing was produced beyond one-day discourses. Subjects such as the global economic leg, U.S. ties, and the Iran connections of the Dec. 17 intervention were not reviewed in-depth.

While July 15 is our history’s heaviest attack, the people and Parliament faced attack, they want to make it meaningless in as short as a month. All mental dimming operations aimed at wiping out the social memory of this dire situation is a continuation of the coup attempt. Everybody who took part in these operations, knowingly or unknowingly, is a partner in the July 15 attack.

Who will open the ‘Islamic civil war’ front?

Never let go. There will be new steps taken for civil war, new attacks will follow. We will be putting up a very intense fight until the end of 2017, the attacks will come in waves. We have faith in that deep foresight on social awareness. We will resist all kinds of attacks to come from the outside. But it seems that a more dangerous plan is in store for this country soon.

The “Islam will fight among itself” or “Islamic civil war” theory has been applied in all countries around us and civil wars are now being served through this. The “Islamist threat” that has alerted the entire world since Feb. 28 will probably be served in Turkey. And through this, the Turkey front of the “Islam will fight among itself” theory is going to be opened. Civil war is going to be served this way.

This is the most difficult cunningness we need to resist. Hence, we are going to be on constant alert. We are going to constantly warn and do whatever is necessary to ruin this game.

If necessary, we are going to disclose the extras of the new game, one by one!

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Tuesday 16, 2016)