Hamas rejects talks with US, welcomes meeting with Abbas

Member of Hamas Political Bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouq, revealed that his movement has rejected holding talks with the US due to its bias towards the Israeli occupation, Quds Press reported on Friday.

According to Quds Press, Abu Marzouq disclosed in an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency that his movement hopes to meet with Palestinian Authority (PA), Fatah and PLO president, Mahmoud Abbas, to agree on a national plan against the US “Deal of the Century”.

“All the Palestinians must come together and form a national unity and agree on a national program against the ‘Deal of the Century’,” Abu Marzouq advocated, stressing that there has been no victory against any occupation without national unity.

He also affirmed: “The ‘Deal of the Century’ is not the fate of the Palestinians. The Palestinians determine their future on their own without US and Israeli dictations,” pointing out that the deal is a “dictation of a strong side to a weak one.”

The senior Hamas leader cited several occupations throughout history, indicating that all of them ended and therefore the Israeli occupation will end too, and Palestine will remain with Jerusalem as its capital.

Abu Marzouq revealed that his movement rejected mediations requesting that it opens dialogue channels with the US. “Hamas rejected mediations for dialogue with US teams because it believes that the US is biased with the Israeli enemy,” he confirmed.

Regarding the deal itself, he noted that it does not deserve the ink it was written with, asserting that it will have the same fate as hundreds of “liquidation endeavors” which did not affect Palestinian principles.

The Hamas leader called for Abbas to sit with all the Palestinian factions and agree on a national unity program against the deal, as well as to disown all deals with Israel, emphasizing that this is the only way to undermine the US deal, not with talks or security cooperation.