Breaking: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Kamal Killed Few Hours after Being Arrested

Dr. Mohamed Kamal

Mohamed Kamal, a physician and university professor who was a member in the highest board of the Muslim brotherhood (Mektab Elershad) was killed few hours after being arrested by Egyptian security forces yesterday.

Two different versions of stories

In a statement issued early Tuesday morning, the Egyptian  Interior Ministry said that its forces killed Kamal in a shootout the previous day. The ministry claimed that Kamal was the founder of the Brotherhood’s “armed wing” -allegedly responsible for the hostile action against state institutions- though the organization itself always denies these allegations and maintains that it operates in exclusively peaceful terms.

The Muslim brotherhood has issued a statement late night saying that they cannot reach Mohamed Kamal and that there is a high probability he has got arrested, and held the police responsible for any harm that might happen to him.

An independent local newspaper, Youm7, has announced that Kamal has been arrested along with Yasser Shehata, his aide. However, few hours later they published another news that they (Kamal and Shehata) have been killed.

Two successive news items by Youm7 on the arrest then killing of Dr. M. Kamal

Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement accusing Egyptian police services of intentionally liquidating Kamal and his aide, Shehata.

According to Anadolu Agency, London-based Brotherhood leader Mohamed Soudan said, “Authorities announced the death of Kamal and Shehata shortly after local media reported that they had been arrested.”

“This means that both leaders had been liquidated,” Soudan told Anadolu Agency.

Egypt has been roiled by turmoil since the military deposed Mohamed Morsi, the country’s first freely elected president, in a 2013 coup.

Ever since, Egyptian security forces have launched a harsh crackdown on the Brotherhood, killing hundreds, if not thousands, and detaining scores of thousands for allegedly inciting violence.