Moroccan PM: If the King Asks Me to Leave, I will Leave

Morocco’s head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane said,”Reform is a long and a heavy process, and there is no better way .” He also refused the rumors that were circulated that Morocco’s King Mohammed VI is angry with him, according to the Huffington Post.

In the 12th national congress for the youth of the Justice and Development Party -which leads the government coalition-  Benkirane said, “We can’t risk the regime or the monarchy, “ considering that,” protecting the monarchy is the duty of the nation and citizens before it is the duty of the King and his royal family.”

He also denied the reports that said the Moroccan King Mohammed VI was angry with him, as it has been circulated recently.  In this context, he said, “If the Moroccan King told me that he is angry and asked him to leave, I won’t stay one minute in office.”

He also noted said, “In the coming elections on October 7, we will succeed over the domination (referring to some political parties that seek to dominate the political arena with the assistance of some state officials), but we can’t completely eradicate this domination.”

In addition, he criticized some factions that seek to destabilize the political scene in the country.

Benkirane also denied that his party (the Justice and Development Party) has any relations with foreign countries, affirming that the JDP “defends its homeland, the people, and the monarchy.” He also said,”the colonization mentality that is used by some western countries has ended, and that his country will remain in a high place, thanks to God, the Moroccan King, his government, and the people,” adding that his country is known for its security and stability.