Sudan FM: We won’t accept any decision other than permanent lift of U.S. sanctions

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour Monday said Khartoum wouldn’t accept from Washington any decision other than the permanent lift of economic sanctions imposed on the country.

Last January, former President Barack Obama issued an executive order providing temporary relief from many U.S. sanctions against Sudan that have been in effect for almost 20 years.

Washington is involved in a five-track engagement process with the Sudan over the permanent lift of sanctions on Sudan. By the 12 July, based on an interagency report including the State Department the President Donald Trump is expected to issue a decision on whether to maintain or to remove the lift of economic sanctions on Sudan.

The official news agency SUNA on Monday quoted Ghandour as saying any decision other than the permanent lift of sanctions is “illogical and unaccepted”, saying Sudan has met all commitments towards five-track engagement plan.

He called on Washington to meet its commitment according to the engagement process, saying the American side continued to underline that the Sudanese side has met its commitment.

The top diplomat said Sudan looks forward to seeing the right decision to lift the sanctions permanently, stressing “Sudan by then would become an active partner to achieve desires of both nations to see a safe region” and promote cooperation for the benefit of the two countries.

He pointed that Sudan and the U.S. had enjoyed strong relations before the imposition of the sanctions, expressing the desire that relations could return to normal.

For his part, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, has warned against escalating rhetoric against the U.S. if Washington decides to not lift the sanctions permanently.

In an interview with Al-Shorooq TV on Sunday, Omer urged to deal carefully with the sanctions file, saying the government should continue its efforts to convince the U.S. Administration and influential pressure groups of the importance of lifting the sanctions and its adverse impact on the Sudanese.