100 Days after the Khashoggi murder: the alliance of criminals unmasked by his death

As of today, it has been 102 days since Jamal Khashoggi was viciously murdered after entering his country’s consulate in Istanbul. Two days ago, the 100th day after this sad incident, commemoration ceremonies were held in different locations. Not only a journalist commemorated in these ceremonies but also people contemplated the meaning of this murder which has been occupying the world’s agenda for 100 days.

Column by: Yasin Aktay*

Khashoggi has become the symbol of the awakening of human consciousness and rebelling against a rotten, corrupt order. Although our noses pick up the stench of this disgusting rotten order, humanity gets used to any foul stench in time. The Khashoggi murder reminded us of that stench with all its intensity.

Otherwise the order represented by those who took part in this murder has the blood of all those people unrightfully shed from Egypt to Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya on their hands. The order left those people be led by petro-dollars, the biggest enemy of the honor of the people, the biggest obstacle to the dream of leading a humane life, the biggest handicap for democratic developments. It doesn’t hurt to use terrorism and extremism as instruments to implement their own plans on the international level. But it doesn’t use these instruments for the favor of the people living in the regions they intervene in, it does so only to strangle their most legitimate and rightful demands.

An order which creates terrorist organizations like Daesh, Boko Haram, al-Shabab, al-Qaeda in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Kenya who base their ideologies off their mindset, which finances them and their leaders and which is also tarnishing Islam’s image in the world by using them and at the end of the day recklessly use the privilege to decide who is terrorist and who is not.

The players of this order don’t even bother to label those whom they placed in the field as terrorists and sell them out. They are only instruments for them anyway, they don’t even consider them as human beings, they feed them and protect them so long as they can use them but when they have to sell them out they don’t even hesitate for a moment. When they do, they also enjoy the honor of being the “heroes who are fearlessly fighting against terrorism.” With this honor they bought, they find a way to label opposition groups and sell them out too. The serious murder they committed within the boundaries of the consulate revealed whose legitimate rights they abused for their filthy aims.

Those who carried out the Khashoggi murder massacred thousands of people viciously in Egypt and strangled the free will of the people and a democracy, good or bad, in its bud. They left the faith of the entire nation into the hands of a red-handed dictator like Sisi. Because of the coups they orchestrated against the will of people in Libya, the country has been swept by chaos which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people for four years. It cannot even be known how many children are dying of hunger in Yemen every day.

The starvation problem in Yemen can be resolved only with one day’s worth of food wasted in the palaces of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The fact that the most shared visual regarding the intervention in Yemen is the children dying because of hunger doesn’t even embarrass them. Yet, each child dying is a source of dishonor for them.

All the developments are happening because those who murdered Khashoggi meddled in their affairs and these are only their usual actions. The real face of this order has been covered with the lobbying and PR activities funded by Petro-dollars. The Khashoggi murder suddenly unmasked their faces. Now, even if they put the mask back on, we have already seen their faces behind that mask.

For 100 days, what Khashoggi told us with his death has been discussed endlessly, so did what it revealed about the faces of the psychopaths hiding behind their masks which were caught red-handed.

Although those psychopaths are in a rot, they are still trying to cover their misdeeds, to make people forget about them and that when people forget about it they falsely claim that they are going to avenge the murder by going after those who revealed this disgraceful act. They are defying because they think that this order will go on forever.

Who do they trust? Obviously their American friends, their power they think is infinite, their money which they think will never run out, and of course they trust the desperate obedience of their own people and the thought that no one will ever be able to get them in the end. We will see none of this will save them when the winds of justice sweep them.


Because of the 100th day commemoration ceremony which was attended by both the Democrat and the Republican senators in the U.S. Congress. In a meeting the chairwoman of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelocsi also attended, the participants stated that that this murder committed is not only against Khashoggi but also against the entirety of humanity. Members of congress stated that if this murder is seen through the lens of money and interests, they are going to do just as Trump did, that will hit the image of the U.S. very badly as a country of values and democracy. It seems that members of congress who think that the fact that this murder is still ignored because of those concerns actually present an embarrassing image of a U.S. is ruled by Saudi Arabia and promised that they are going to continue to pursue this case.


While there are those people who demand justice for Khashoggi, let’s also analyze what Khashoggi’s murderers are doing lately. According to a recent new report by the Middle East Monitor, the things discussed in a meeting attended by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Israel and its participants show what type of alliance and malevolence was behind the Khashoggi murder. Because, although the concept of security continues to single out Iran as the enemy, it was also stated that Turkey is seen as a bigger threat than Iran, the country that did not accept the offer to cover up the murder.

Why Turkey is a threat and for whom? The Khashoggi murder is cracking the code of this dirty alliance with the way it was carried out, with the cruelty of the murderers, lies told and its terrorist characteristic. When you take a look at the actions committed by this alliance of criminals you already see who Turkey is and where it stands more clearly.

Turkey facing the alliance of criminals represents justice, human rights and honor, democracy, freedom of expression, peace and welfare in the region, and it doesn’t even fazed by the fact that this scares the murderers of Khashoggi.

Let those who backed this alliance of criminals worry about what is going to happen in the future.

Yasin Aktay is a former member of the Turkish parliament and a leading figure of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey. (Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on 12 January 2019)