Erdogan regains power

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said voters had “shown that they prefer action and development to controversy”. The Justice and Development Party (AK party) is set to lead Turkey alone once again.

With almost all votes counted, according to Anadolu news agency the AKP had won 49.4% of the vote, with the main opposition CHP on 25.4%. After the landslide victory, Erdogan and AK Party return to practice power, beginning with the process of forming a new government, regaining the majority it lost in the election in June.

But still they did not get the number of parliamentary seats, that would allow them to call for a referendum on changing the constitution in order to enhance the powers of the president.

A few of the surveys pointed out that the AKP reaps the majority needed to form a government alone, the rest of the polls indicated it will fail to do so with a very narrow margin.

During these last weeks the AKP has taken a series of actions and decisions in order to “correct mistakes” committed during the parliamentary elections in June.  As an example the party has put forward a number of young candidates that are seen as more relevant to the region with the hope that it would restore the confidence lost in the June elections.

Secondly AKP talked a lot less about the reforms in the constitutional law that it is planning. In the last parliamentary elections, the AKP push the theme of “transition to a presidential system” in the public debate strongly. This angered a lot of people, so the strategy was changed.

There are now several possible scenarios. AKP might form a majority government, a possibility that might contribute to economic and social development as well as strengthen security, according to several experts. There will be either negotiations to form a coalition government, or a minority government, or once again go for re-elections.