Minor tremors in Jerusalem’s ancient history

Yasin Aktay*

U.S. President Donald Trump’s audacity to implement the U.S.’s outdated decision that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has, as expected, led to indignation in global politics, primarily in the Muslim world.

I say “outdated decision” because the decision was made by the U.S. in 1995 and, despite it being among the election promises of every U.S. president elected to date, it is a decision they all postponed when the time came to fulfill it.

They were postponing it because the presidents, who felt the need to give warm messages to the Jewish lobby in the U.S. to win the elections, are faced with the true balances of politics when they come to office, and see the truth that Jews in the U.S. do not have the same response in the real world as they do during the election process. Just as the world does not consist of Jews alone, it also does not consist of the images Jews create by deceiving U.S. politicians.

Seeing this difference alone was enough to at least prevent U.S. presidents from committing this craziness. Implementing this decision requires serious audacity or it was going to function as a bribe that needed to be given to escape some of the pressures they were under. Hence, this is what has happened: Trump, who is cursed by the entire world as a result of this impudent and provocative decision, has become the hero of Zionists, neo-cons and Evangelists in the U.S.

Trump, who has been unable to properly grasp U.S. domestic policy or to get a proper taste of presidency and has been in trouble with his own Secretary of State, the CIA, the Pentagon, the FBI, and the Justice Department since the day he was elected, has, as a result of this gesture toward Zionist lobbies, instantly left in the shadow all the problems he had with these institutes and actors. Hence, in his own terms, this move is actually not that crazy. On the contrary, the situation is a reflection of “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Of course there is no chance of the measure saving him. Neither will it shield him from the resistance he is facing, or the sin of pushing the world into a new atmosphere of flaring tensions and conflict.

In fact, the U.S. has reminded everyone of its past record in the most striking way with its extra pervasive politics of recent times. The U.S. has never been part of the solution in any of the world’s problems. It has always been the source of the problem. While the role it played in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen flashes before our eyes, what we see is nothing more than an actor that stands out with its conspiracies and disorder-creating existence. With its politics that always leaves huge gaps between what is said and what is done, it leaves a strong impression that it is unreliable.

It has become clear that its mediation for so-called peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine in the Palestine issue was actually nothing other than keeping busy and deceiving one party against the other.

This was not a secret that nobody knew, but it enabled the U.S. to cast itself to be in a somewhat unbiased position. The U.S. backing Israel even more than Israel itself actually means it has given up world leadership.

In this aspect, it is going to be the declaration of the obvious, but the U.S. is also a big partner to the occupation in Palestine and all the crimes committed during this occupation.

The U.S. is now under the influence of an ideological-religious bigotry that is in proportion with neither the power nor the physical size of the U.S.

The cost of obtaining a private advantage for oneself hence leads to losing a great global advantage and coming to such a state.

Isn’t the same thing in question for the Islamic world with a different balance of exchange? What do the leaders of Muslim countries, who are currently offering their silence, approval and, as a matter of fact, their support to Israel to protect their own position, think they are gaining in response to the heavy bribe they are offering?

The bribe they are offering is their honor, dignity, and virtue. The power they think they obtained in response is not their own power, and never will be.

Unfortunately the decision by the U.S., which is under Zionist command, that no president has ever been able to dare to take until now which has been taken by Trump is not solely related to the U.S.’s own internal dynamics and its own strategic determination. What encourages Trump most today to take this step is nothing other than the situation the Muslims world is in, making it possible for this step to be taken.

Despite this, nobody has the chance to reach salvation with such an abuse against Jerusalem, the jewel of humanity. These incidents and developments in the glorious and ancient history of Jerusalem are only minor tremors. Though those who cause these tremors see themselves as important, and those who experience it are affected by these tremors, Jerusalem will reach its ultimate destination and stand as perfect witness to what everybody deserves.

*Yasin Aktay is a member of the Turkish parliament and a leading figure of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey. (Published in Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper on October 11,  2017)