Jordan’s Brotherhood blames authorities for arson attack

Jordan: Unidentified people broke into the Brotherhood premises late Sunday and set it on fire..

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood group has blamed the authorities for a recent arson attack on one of the group’s premises in the north-eastern al-Mafraq province.

Unidentified people broke into the building late Sunday and set it on fire, but the blaze was brought under control without casualties.

“It’s inconceivable that this incident occurs for the second time without any action” by the authorities, Brotherhood spokesman Moaz Khawaldeh told Anadolu Agency.

He said that Brotherhood members were able to defend the group’s headquarters “if the authorities were unable to do so”.

According to Khawaldesh, the group’s premises in al-Mafraq had been set on fire in 2012.
“Security agencies…did not punish the perpetrators, some of whom we know them by name,” he said.

The Muslim Brotherhood was declared illegal by Jordanian authorities after a group of defectors registered a new Muslim Brotherhood Society as a Jordanian entity.