Libya: Al-Serraj tells Tripoli military leaders that ban on arms importation will soon be lifted

The Head of the UN-backed government’s Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Serraj, said lifting the ban on arms purchase and importation to Libya is very imminent so that the army can do its job and secure the country as well as the country’s borders, according to the media office of Al-Serraj.

Al-Serraj statement came in a meeting in his Tripoli office with a number of military leaders.

“We hail the efforts of our government in trying to unite the sovereign institutions, especially the military one. We should not forget that the Libyan army is united since the date of its formation in 1952 and it will remain united under the loyalty to Libya only. It will remain autonomous and all conflicting parties agreed on this.” Al-Serraj said in the meeting.

He also said that the lifting of the ban on Libya regarding the purchase of arms has always been a priority on his list of discussion topics with the friend countries.

Al-Serraj’s meeting with the military leaders also tackled the issue of the military institution in Libya as well as the agreements made with friend countries to help boost the capabilities of the Libyan defense and armed forces, the media office of Al-Serraj added.

The meeting was attended by the UN-proposed government’s Deputy Defense Minister, Chief of Staff, the Chief of Security Preparations, the Commander of the Presidential Guard and other military leaders.