Syria:1000 Airstrikes on Hama Countryside In One Week

Syria:1000 Airstrikes on Hama Countryside In One Week

Russian and Assad regime’s warplanes intensified their airstrikes on the cities and villages of Hama countryside over last week, launching hundreds of attacks using missiles and cluster and phosphorous bombs. Simultaneously, hundreds of shells and missiles were fired by the nearby Assad’s regime barricades.

Jawad al-Hamwi, the activist in charge of the statistics of attacks and victims in Hama City, said that Russian and Assad’s regime warplanes carried out hundreds of airstrikes in a campaign aiming at returning areas liberated by the rebels recently.

The activist emphasized that 15 civilian victims, mostly children, were killed in the attacks, estimating the airstrikes at 450 on Soran, 350 on Taybat al-Imam, 100 on Al-Lataminah, 30 on Kafr Zita, and 20 on Murak.

To keep the area under constant shelling throughout the day and night, three helicopters and three warplanes alternated in targeting the northern countryside, and the airstrikes were punctuated by intense artillery shelling.

According to the speaker, at least 65 airstrikes were also conducted by helicopters and warplanes on the city of Halfaya as well as the villages of Zakat, Hasraya, Lahaya, al-Arba’in, al-Nasiriyah, al-Bowayda, Almasasnah, Ma’arkaba, Latmin, Zalaqiat, al-Zowwar in the northern countryside.

In the eastern countryside, the villages of Uqayribat, Atshan, Arafa, Souha, al-sathiat, Qasr Ben Wardan, and Tel Bzam underwent twenty raids by Assad’s regime and Russian warplanes, while the villages of Hirbnafsah, al-Qantara, Taksis, and al -Tolol al-Humr witnessed ten airstrikes.

The Syrian crisis began as a peaceful demonstration against the injustice in Syria. Assad regime used to fire power and violence against the civilians and led to armed resistance. 450.000 Syrians lost their lives in the past five years according to UN estimates, and more than 12 million have lost their homes.

Syria:1000 Airstrikes on Hama Countryside In One Week
Assad regime forces preparing for airstrikes against civilians’ areas