Another failed “Zero Hour Attack” by Haftar’s forces in Libya’s Tripoli

After fierce clashes in and around Naqliya Camp on the Airport Road in southern Tripoli between Libyan Army forces under the command of the Libyan Presidential Council and forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar, the Libyan Army announced that the camp was under its full control and Haftar’s forces had fled the area.

Haftar’s forces started their attack on Saturday morning and managed to have a brief entry to the Naqliya Camp before suffering considerable losses in fighters and military equipment and vehicles on their way out.

According to Haftar’s forces, the attack was a Zero Hour for them to enter Tripoli with media outlets loyal to Haftar broadcasting an address for him urging the fighters to preserve the public and private properties once they set foot inside the capital’s neighborhoods.

Amid the defeat, Al-Kanyat 9th Brigade evacuated residents in southern Zatarna area between Tajoura and Tarhouna aiming to engage in a fight on a new frontline to take some pressure off Haftar’s forces being defeated on Naqliya frontline, while some of the brigade’s fighters infiltrated Garabulli and positioned on the coastal road between Tripoli and Misrata before pulling out toward Tarhouna as Misrata sent massive forces to the area.

On Friday, Libyan Air Force hit Al-Jufra airbase – paramount for Haftar’s forces – and thus Haftar’s forces attack on Saturday could be to raise the morale of his fighters, according to sources.

The sources said the fighting will expand even to areas outside Tripoli in order to open new clashes’ axes and enter Al-Jufra airbase in central Libya.

On Saturday dawn, Haftar’s Air Force carried out an airstrike on Misrata airbase – one day after an airstrike on Al-Jufra airbase by the Libyan Army – and according to Haftar’s forces, the strike destroyed a drone and air defense system, which was denied by the Libyan Army; saying only some depots and buildings were impacted.

It is the first time Misrata is attacked by an airstrike since the start of Haftar’s offensive on Tripoli on April 04.