Iran: Mall explosion in Shiraz, 37 injured

An explosion in a supermarket in the southern city of Shiraz injured 37 people and may have been caused by a gas leak.

An explosion in a supermarket car park injured 37 people in Shiraz, Iran at around 1:30am local time (6am GMT) on Friday night.

The authorities are not officially treating the incident at the hypermarket centre on Abu Nasr street as a terrorist attack, Iranian state media sources report.

“The incident fortunately had no casualties and most of the wounded received outpatient treatment,” said the fire department chief for Shiraz, Mohammad Farrokh Zadeh.

“Eight families were trapped in eight different sections which were all led to the top of the building with the aid of firefighters.”

Those who were trapped in the fire were reportedly transferred to safety via a hoist and a 54-metre ladder.

Sixteen of the 37 injured have been transferred to hospital for treatment and their conditions are reportedly stable.

Unconfirmed initial reports suggest that the explosion was caused by a gas leak and the authorities have launched an inquiry into the exact cause of the fire.

The initial gas explosion on the ground floor caused many of the windows to blow out, shooting glass shards almost 30 metres in all directions.

The fire gutted the building and the majority of its contents were destroyed in the blaze.