Widow of ‘Martyr’ Balboulah comments on demolition of their house by Egyptian authorities

Widow of ‘Martyr’ Mohamed Adel Balboulah, from El-Basarta village, Damietta, has commented on the Egyptian military regime’s recent demolition of their house.

She published a post on her Facebook page, addressing her martyred husband, saying, “I wish you were with me today to encourage me to be patient as you always used to say: ‘Mariam, you should be patient’. I wish you were with me, urging me to be patient. You were arrested and you endured (detention

). Then, they arrested me and I also remained patient.”

She added, “They destroyed the contents of our home and set it on fire four times and you kept patient. They also destroyed your workshop and killed your friends before your eyes, and you were also patient. You were shot in the neck and you endured your injury. You were also chased by the police for 4 years, suffering a lot, but you remained patient until you were martyred as you always wished.”

Balboulah’s widow continued addressing her martyred husband saying, “Today, they demolished our home completely together with our beautiful memories. Today, I remember your words to me when you once said: God willing, we’ll have a better home in paradise; so don’t be sad, Mariam.”

Mariam went on saying, “Thank God, I am not sad, Mohamed; simply because nothing can make me sad as much as your death did to me.”

Mohamed Adel Balboulah’s widow concluded her post saying, “They demolished the martyr’s house and destroyed all our beautiful memories. Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best guardian.”