Israelis encouraged to carry weapons

Guns have become prevalent in the streets of  Jerusalem, as government officials encouraged Israelis to carry weapons in public.

About a week after the anti-occupation protests broke out, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat called  on city residents with gun permits to carry their weapons with them in public. Other Israeli politicians even encouraged shooting to kill.

The Israel’s Ministry of Public Security loosened regulations  for those applying for a firearms licence. More junior members of the armed forces are allowed to apply for a permit to purchase a gun, and civilians who had completed various security courses are also granted the right to apply.

Private security guards have the green light to keep their weapons with them while off-duty, and the ministry even recommended that anyone with permission to carry a firearm should do so.

According to the Ministry, 153,000 private citizens held firearms licenses, in addition to 130,000 licenses for security firms.