Days after Accusations of Funding Houthis, UAE Donates 11 Vehicles to Aden Authorities

The UAE has so far donated 47 Toyota FJ Cruisers, 18 police cars, five motorcycles, six fire trucks, 50 fire suits, 10,000 police uniforms and airport security devices to authorities in Aden governorate to help leverage security and stability there the southern Yemeni city, reported  WAM, the Emirates News Agency .

This aid  is a part of the UAE ‘s continuous support for Yemen, where 14 government buildings, including fire stations, have been renovated  and three police stations re-furnished so far across Aden.

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Chief of Aden’s security, Shallal Shaea, praised the UAE under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for supporting Yemen during the current crisis.

“The government’s two concurrent approaches are to eliminate terrorist sleeper cells affiliated with the rebel Houthi militia and forces loyal to the ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh, and receive support from the Arab Coalition and the UAE in particular”, the chief of Aden’s security told WAM.

UAE accused of funding Houthis in Yemen:

UAE ‘S  new donations to Yemen come two days after a Saudi General, Anwar Al-Eshki, accused a Gulf state of funding “Houthis” in order to fight against “Al Islah” Yemeni Islamist Party.

“The Houthis betrayed a state of the Gulf Cooperation Council; they promised it (UAE) to hit a particular Yemeni segment (Al-Islah Islamist Party) , but they did not do that. After they took huge amounts of money, they seized the capital Sanaa instead”, the Saudi General told  “Russia today” TV channel, according to New Khaleej.

Although, the Saudi Gen. did not mention the name of this state, observers and analysts said the intended state was the United Arab Emirates. Satellite