New attack will come from the south, let’s save Turkey from invasion

By: Ibrahim Karagül*

We had stated July 15 was an internal invasion attempt. Then we stated a new wave will be launched to stir civil war. We said Turkey would be placed under tutelage once again, made to kneel, the movement to become independent and free that has been dragging on intensively over the last 15 years would end and the leaders of this great way would be eliminated.

This was the master plan, the project. And this project was not limited to Fetullah Gülen and his terrorist group alone. It was a multi-national operation. Those who tried to cause an Alevi uprising during the Gezi Park events, those who tried to take over the government and eliminate it with the Dec. 17 financial coup, shaped July 15 as a suicide attack and set up a total destruction plan.

June 7 elections and the internal invasion attempt

Yes, it is true: all this was a scheme intending to invade Turkey from within. But what we said was incomplete. There was something more critical. The internal invasion had already largely happened. It had already occurred and we, for a very long time, were fighting to save the country from this invasion. Those attacks were attacks to finish it off.

Remember, the terrorism wave resumed after June 7.Part of Turkey was occupied through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Democratic Union Party (PYD). Those who thought the atmosphere was ready by looking at the election results, were making the final strike through terrorism. Those attacks and the operations that followed were related to invasion, not terrorism. Districts in Turkey’s southeast had been invaded, taken out of Turkey’s control and we were fighting to take back these districts.

Traces of the PKK-FETÖ partnership in Silopi, Cizre

I remember my column topics then too: This is not a terror operation, it is an operation to retake those regions against the invasion attempt. As a result, we have more than 500 martyrs. Places of settlement have turned into ruins. Turkey’s ended the invasion with a harsh intervention never expected by the U.S. and Europe.

Internal invasion attempts were conducted through the PKK and PYD. However, just like July 15, they, too, were multi-national interventions. They had opened the “Turkey front.” Our country was being invaded step-by-step and being prepared for destruction.

Of course, its political leg was continuing from another branch. The PKK and PYD lobby was working very intensely in Ankara. On one side was the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), while on the other side the PKK-PYD lobby was dragging the country to the edge off a cliff, to the brink of destruction.

Today, those who make a connection between FETÖ and the PKK need to go over those days with a fine-tooth comb. Because the alliance’s, joint front’s address is in Silopi, in Cizre, in Nusaybin. Looking back today, we see that during the invasion attempt, the terrorist attacks in that period, the PKK and PYD as well as FETÖ were all pushed to the front by the same powers.

While our south is being sieged, a lullaby is being sung to us inside

Also, back in those days we were shouting North Syria Corridor at the top of our lungs. That multi-national will was forming a generation in the south of Turkey through the PKK, trying to drown Turkey in Anatolia, sever all its ties with the Sunni Arab world and siege our country.

In the beginning nobody heard us. Because the FETÖ and PKK lobby were jointly at it again in Ankara. The public, the media and politics were all being numbed with a joint operation against our country with the designers on the outside.

What happened? We woke up. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan repeatedly made statements saying “we will not allow them to draw this map. But they continued to put the country to sleep, created opportunities, invested in political blindness and somehow locked Turkey in with internal manipulations. But we kept on writing columns saying “The Syria border is going to be the main front of the attack on Turkey for decades.”

The PKK, PYD, FETÖ, Daesh: All hitmen of the same power

Look at what happened between now and then. The map has largely materialized. The PKK, FETÖ and the lobby on the inside continued to play their roles as the leaders of this big project aimed at Turkey. They were the front elements of the internal invasion within Turkey, we were all being played.

Looking now, we see all the military elements aimed at Syria were FETÖ’s men. Those commissioned officers who worked throughout that corridor were his men. The terrorist group within the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) took the entire border under its own control. It conducted operations against Turkey with the PKK, PYD and Daesh.

The invasion attempt was shifted from Silopi, from Cizre to the Syrian border. They applied the North Syria Corridor together. They applied the project aimed at suffocating Turkey, cut all its ties with the south together with the U.S., PKK and Daesh. We were hit in our own home. We were hit from within through traitors and terrorist groups.

We were invaded even from Ankara

We were invaded from southeastern cities. We were invaded from the Syria border. We were invaded even from Ankara. Turkey’s military units, intelligence units, capital circles, education institutions, the police organization and media were under invasion for an extended period.

Ever since the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) crisis, and the debate on the closing down of preparatory schools, we actually started a struggle to save the country against these invasions. We were already invaded and we were trying to take our country back. This is why the war intensified.

The invasion attempt in political and military bureaucracy, in capital and media, in civil spheres, the invasion attempt carried out through the PKK, the great terror attacks through Daesh, the plans to drown Turkey with the North Syria Corridor, and efforts to design internal politics with the June 7 election were all projects of the same multi-national will.

When saying “were,” I am not sharing with you something I just saw or realized, but a common perception, an opinion, a reality. Because I was the one who said that what is happening in the southeast is not terrorism, but an invasion attempt; I was one of those who cried out against the North Syria Corridor.

Their projects blew up in their face

This is why July 15 is not only an invasion attempt, a plan to collapse from within. It is not only a coup attempt either. That attack, the tanks crushing our people, terrorists in uniform shooting our people, and F-16s bombing this country’s parliament, was a revenge attack. The struggle since the prep school crisis was a struggle for independence, a struggle to escape invasion.

Those who have stepped back since that day, those whose Turkey projects blew up in their faces, planned the most dangerous attack with a final move. It was a plan to destroy the political mind resisting invasion, the nation supporting the political mind, media, the business world, the deep nation making up Turkey’s backbone. Had they succeeded, they were going to both break the resistance and submerse the country into never ending civil wars.

This is why we called for relentless resistance

For two years now, I have been trying to spread a “relentless resistance” call. By saying the last War of Independence, I suggest we turn our homes and neighborhoods into resistance forts. It was because of this. This is why it is continuing. We are still resisting, they are still attacking and this settlement of accounts is going to continue for quite some time.

However, July 15 was the harshest response they ever received from this nation. It was the heaviest blow after World War I. Like the president said, “We made the world collapse around them.” That relentless resistance must continue as is on the inside, it should continue until those intelligence apparatuses are cleaned. Because we have no other choice left but to rebuild this country.

The new attack will come from the Syria border

From now on, we need to pay particular attention to the Syria border. The multi-national invasion is going to come through that corridor and the terrorist coalition. Perhaps this is where they will make the last destructive attack, suicide attack. All the military elements aimed at the region turned out to be members of Gülen’s terrorist group. Are we not paying any attention to the civilian elements aimed at the region?

The invasion is not over, it is continuing. Then we have no other option other than solidarity for new resistance lines and to struggle. Put aside personal, little issues. We all hold each other’s destiny in one another’s hands. Anybody sabotaging, contaminating that solidarity, that relentless resistance, any move, attempt watering it down, anybody causing these will be considered to be connected to these invasions in one way or another.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Wednesday 17, 2016)