It’s not ‘which America?’: the entire US is responsible

By: Nedret Ersanel*

One, a meeting between Azerbaijan-Russia-Iran in Baku…Two, a summit between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg…

Three, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif comes to Turkey to meet his counterpart and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and is then welcomed by the president…

Four, Russia, Turkey and Iran announce that they will sit to discuss a solution for Syria…

Five, news coming out that the U.S. and Russia will conduct a joint operation on Syria-Aleppo…

Six, Germany and Russia (Steinmeier and Lavrov) meeting in Ekaterinburg upon indications that the crisis will start again.

There are some details that arise at this point (Germany’s plan to establish an army by transferring some soldiers from the EU, et cetera…), but we need to recognize the actual question that is hanging from the big picture…

Firstly, looking at the Syrian issue, can the U.S. be standing in the bisector of the Moscow- Tehran-Ankara triangle?


It will remain where it belongs in Syria as long as it sticks by its word. The same goes for İncirlik.

US: ‘Don’t insult us while kissing us’

The interview with James Jeffrey, former U.S. ambassador to Ankara between 2008 and 2010, is quite captivating in terms of content and tone. (“Emareler onu işaret ediyor,” 15/08, Cansu Çamlıbel, Hürriyet.)

“Jey Jey” has a lot of Turkey adventures. Because his story does not start from 2008, but from 1985 in Adana. Remember his position/role against the Turkish Armed Forces’ (TSK) operation beyond the borders, the Dağlıca incident, and then Prime Minister Erdoğan’s U.S. visit on Nov. 5 2007.

Moreover, during the 2001 economic crisis he said, “You have to do what IMF tells you because the States gives the money,” in Şevket Bülent Yahni’s face. Some of us would never forget his, “We will check where you spend your Money, too” statement.

I am not trying to overlook the ambassador’s current statements by bringing these statements into the picture. I am trying to give evidence to “which America” in terms of the U.S.’s attitude toward Turkey after the coup attempt.

As Jeffrey is not just your regular diplomat. He is a major practitioner. Remember when I had touched upon the Nov. 5 visit to the U.S… He was present in those meetings too.” Just after the White House meeting, another meeting was conducted in the old government building, in which intelligence was discussed too. Ambassador Ertuğrul Apakan, the White House’s adviser to Iraq and Afghanistan, Douglas Lute, the U.S. Department of State’s Iraq Coordinator James Jeffrey and U.S. Ambassador to Ankara Ross Wilson were present at the meeting. (16/11/2007, Murat Yetkin, Radikal.)

Writing isn’t enough, you have to know how to read

There are a few points that attract interest in Jeffrey’s words. He says, “The indications point to [Fetullah] Gülen,” when talking about those responsible for the July 15 coup attempt. Yes, we know that much. But don’t forget that he also says, “I am not just referring to the Turkish Government’s statements.” Which means they have some information too!

Please pay extra attention to this: He says, “Those who staged the coup are not from the military established order.” Who is the military established order? The national soldiers who are faithful to their country and nation, and agree with the political order. How did those very much debated statements go? “U.S. National Intelligence Director James Clapper said his contacts in Turkey were arrested and U.S. Central Command General Joseph Votel said, ‘After the coup attempt many Turkish military allies of the U.S. Forces were imprisoned.'” (“Our allies were arrested,” 29/07, all media organizations)

This is almost a confession.

We understand that none of the “which Americas” in the U.S. consider the national and main core of the Turkish military their point of contact.

Therefore, it does not matter “which America” it is for Ankara! All Americas are problematic and responsible.

We shall continue… Another statement that is overlooked is “I don’t have an answer for who really conducted this coup.” We should think on this one. This might be an indication to the inside which then means it might be linked to the number 1 and 2 Ankara often repeats.

Realpolitik immorality is deep within

The essence of Jeffrey’s interview is; “You can believe that we are liars, but don’t insult us directly in our faces.”

We have been allies for years. We won’t hurt them. This is what “diplomacy” is for the West and for some of those among us.

But you should try and understand us, too. We can no longer stomach this.

Going back on your Syria promise in one night led to thousands of people being killed.

The only problem is not about lying: you are shifty, too.

After the July 15 coup attempt, the U.S.’s official spokesperson said, “The U.S. will not support coups or coup perpetrators.”

From China in 1945, Syria in 1949, China in 1950, Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, Tibet in 1955 and 1970, Indonesia in 1958, Cuba in 1959, Congo in 1960, Iraq in 1960, Dominican Republic in 1961, Vietnam in 1961 and 1973, Brazil in 1964, Congo in 1964, Guatemala in 1964, Laos in 1964, Dominican Republic in 1964, Peru in 1965, Greece in 1967, Guatemala in 1967, Cambodia in 1969, Chile in 1970, Argentina in 1976, Turkey in 1980, Poland in 1980, Angola in 1980, Salvador in 1981, Nicaragua in 1981, Lebanon in 1982, Granada in 1983, Philippines in 1986, Libya in 1986, Iran in 1987, Libya in 1989, Panama in 1989, Iraq in 1991, Kuwait in 1991, Somalia in 1992, Iraq in 1992, Bosnia in 1995, Iran in 1998, Sudan in 1998, Afghanistan in 1998 and 2001, Iraq in 2003, Somalia in 2006, Iran from 2005 to date, Libya in 2011, Turkey in 2016…

Isn’t this enough!!

*Nedret Ersanel is a Turkish journalist and columnist at Yeni Şafak daıly newspaper.
                                 (published in Yeni Şafak on Wednesday, August 17, 2016)