A Syrian refugee child killed in Zahle, Lebanon

A Syrian refugee child killed in Zahle, Lebanon

A young Syrian refugee was shot dead in head on Saturday and thrown on one of the sub-road in Zehle, in a town in the middle of Lebanon.

Mazen al-Bustan, A Syrian refugee born in 1996, was killed by a hunting gun and thrown in Hoosh al-Omaraa neighborhood, Syrian activists said and added that the Lebanese Police reached the scene to investigate the crime.

“We condemn this crime and all kinds of attacks against Syria refugees. We also condemn campaigns of hatred against Syrian refugees by some Lebanese media outlets.  We also refuse to consider them an axis of any political or religious attractions,” a Syrian activist said.

It is worthy to note that the Lebanese authorities raid Syrian refugees’ camps and launch campaigns to crackdown Syrians under the pretext of not having a valid residence or crossing illegally into the country. These campaigns are associated with sectarian rhetoric, some cases of enslavement, imprisonment, enforced disappearance, extrajudicial killing, rape, and threats of deportation and murder.

The crackdown came after ISIS suicide bombers which struck the village of Qaa along the Syrian border, killing five and wounding 28 others last month.

Lebanese Army arrests 500 Syrian refugees

About 500 Syrian refugees in Lebanon were arrested by the Lebanese Army. They were arrested on 28th June under many charges following the bombs which took place in the border city al-Qaa two days before.

Two days before this dragnet, another 314 Syrian refugees were arrested. The Lebanese Army continues the campaign until Thursday adding 198 Syrians to the list. It is expected that this dragnet will continue in the coming few days.

The Lebanese official media agency said that the Lebanese Army swooped on every Syrian refugees’ neighborhood. It is also imposed a day-to-light curfew.

“The movement of the Syrian refugees should be controlled and monitored through permits given by the security apparatuses after they are gathered in one camp,” parliament member Walid Sukariyeh, who belongs to a Hezbollah political bloc, told local radio.

It is worthy to mention that these bombs came after a statement by the Lebanese foreign affairs minister; Gebran Bassil who refused the presence of Syrian refugees in areas which under the Free Patriotic Movement led by Michel Aoun, one of Assad and Hezbollah backers.

Bassil has also previously said that the Syrian refugees resemble a threat to Lebanon.