Syrian rebels advance further in Latakia countryside

Syrian rebels advance further in Latakia countryside

Syrian rebels resumed on Saturday their fighting against Assad regime’s militants in the countryside of the western coastal province of Latakia, and fierce clashes happened while they were advancing in Assad regime’s territories.

After clashes with Assad regime in al-Turkmen Mountain, Syrian rebels successfully liberated many strategic villages and hills.

Syrian rebels snuck, walking on foot, through al-Turkmen Mountain to reach regime forces’ stationing points from behind. When they reached strategic points, Syrian rebels attacked regime forces and took over new areas. Large quantities of weapons and ammunition were also captured, as Jaysh al-Fatah stated on its Twitter account.a

The newly-liberated areas were al-Sarraf village, the village and hill of al-Mukhtara, al-Fiel Hill, Valley Barricades, the Villa Point, among others, according to 1st Coastal Division Media Office.

Syrian rebels advancement in Latakia

These continuous advancements come as multiple groups of Syrian rebels, mainly Jaysh al-Fateh and the 1st  Coastal Division, launched, about a week ago, “al-Yarmouk Battle,” aiming at recapturing new areas in al-Turkmen and al-Akrad Mountains to the north of Latakia.

The rebels seized a strategic town from regime forces and their allies in the  of Latakia on Friday.

The Assad regime forces had captured Kansaba in February, part of a wider advance in Latakia’s northern countryside at the time, backed by Russian air power. However, the rebels were able t retrieve it on Friday.

Fighting picked up again in the area after a ceasefire deal later that month brought a temporary lull. The truce has mostly unraveled throughout areas where it took effect in the west of the country.

Kansaba was previously an important base for the insurgents. The town overlooks much of the mountainous Jabal Akrad area close to the Turkish border.

Latakia’s coastal areas, including the provincial capital city of the same name, are the heartland of Assad’s minority Alawite community and are also home to a Russian air base.

Rebels have in the past sought to bring the fight closer to the coast. They were regularly shelling Latakia city before the Russian intervention.