Syria: White Helmets center destroyed by Assad airstrikes on Idlib

Syria: White Helmets center destroyed by Assad airstrikes on Idlib

A member of the White Helmets rescuing group was killed and 5 others injuries by a striking their center in Moarat al-Noman in the countryside of Idlib this Thursday afternoon. 

The civil defense in Idlib confirmed that some injured are in critical condition, and the center has become out of service. White Helmets

Activists reported that air strikes have resulted in injuring dozens of civilians including women and children.

A day before, the Syrian regime warplane hit he center of civil defense in the town of Kafranbel, injured three members and destroyed an ambulance.

The Syrian and Russian warplanes intentionally and repeatedly target medical and civil defense centers all over the liberated areas in the country, but in Idlib in particular.

“In adding to targeting the relief center of the White Helmets, Russian warplanes killed 5 civilians in different areas in Idlib and its countryside,” Orient News reported.

Vacuum missiles were also used by Assad regime in attacking the town of al-Tamana’a in Idlib southern countryside.

In the city of Ariha in Idlib southern countryside, Assad regime’s warplanes attacked with cluster bombs residential areas without any reports of casualties.

Idlib is exposed to an unrelenting campaign of bombardment. Many massacres were perpetrated by Assad regime in Idlib and its countryside.

Civil Defense is composed of almost 3000 volunteers. They impartially save injured lives regardless of their religion or background. However, they have paid a heavy price, as 141 members them were killed since March 2013.

They have saved lives of almost 62 thousand lives of civilians injured by Syrian and Russian shelling and bombing.