Aleppo: Tens of civilians killed by Assad-Russian airstrikes

Aleppo: Tens of civilians killed by Assad-Russian airstrikes

Around 50 civilians were killed in Aleppo city by Assad-Russian airstrikes on the rebel-held areas of the city, in ongoing offensive that escalated after the rebels broke the regime’s siege in the city last week.

At least twenty civilians were killed on Tuesday and tens were seriously injured in a horrible massacre committed by Russian or Assad warplanes on al-Bab road neighborhood in the eastern part of Aleppo, Orient News reported.

Syria Live Network (SLN) also reported today that 6 civilians lost their lives by Russian airstrikes on al-Sakhour neighborhood in Aleppo.

On the front of al-Ramousa, 20 people were reported to have lost their lives by nonstop Russian airstrikes on the area.

Meanwhile, 10 airstrikes were conducted today by the US-led coalition’ jets on the city of al-Bab, 35 KM to the east of Aleppo. No news came from the city about the death toll or the causalities because it is controlled by ISIS.

“The US-led coalition’s airstrikes hit the National Hospital,” an activist from al-Bab wrote on his Facebook page without mentioning any more details.

In another develpment, Syrian rebel fighters Monday evening announced the foundation of a military council aiming at heading towards al-Bab, the ISIS-controlled city.

A source in Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) earlier on Sunday announced the plan that will follow the full control of Manbij city in eastern Aleppo countryside which will be the opening of a crossing road between Manbij and Efreen and the SDF declared the foundation of what they called ‘military council of Al-Bab city’, which implies that the SDF are heading towards al-Bab, according to orient news.

Aleppo: Tens of civilians killed by Assad-Russian airstrikes