Egypt: Collapse of 13-storey building in Alex, rescue teams search for survivors

People were trapped beneath rubble following the collapse of a 13-story building in Alexandria, Egypt, on June 26, local media reported.

Meanwhile, at least there are four injured in the building collapse, thought to be caused by ‘vertical split’, according to the Health ministry. Rescue teams search for survivors after 13-storey building collapse

Rescue crews in Egypt’s Alexandria are searching for survivors following the collapse of a 13-storey building in the city today, Monday.

The number of people trapped under the rubble of the building in Sidi Bishr district used to house holidaymakers is currently unknown.

Local police suggested the collapse was caused by a “vertical split” in the building’s structure.

The Egyptian health ministry said that at least four people were injured in the collapse, adding the injuries were minor and mostly as a result of suffocation.

Alexandria state governor Muhammad al-Sharif said the building was usually rented out to holidaymakers during the summer months and that there was also a supermarket in one of the ground floor properties.

He pointed out that the top floor of the building had been removed prior to the collapse following concerns over its stability.

The incident resulted in the destruction of cars and some stores, according to eyewitnesses.

Nearby hospitals were placed on high alert for survivors. Videos on social media showed bulldozers working through the rubble.

On the other hand, Egypt’s Prosecutor General Hamada Al Sawy immediately ordered starting an investigation on the collapsing of the Alexandria 13-floor building.

The Public Prosecution also instructed the civil protection forces and neighborhood officials to take all necessary measures to secure the area and neighboring buildings.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution formed a committee from the Housing Directorate in the governorate to conduct the necessary inspection of the property and examine its file. The building was seized by the Prosecution in order to clarify the cause of the collapsing.

Building collapses are common in Egypt due to poor or non-existent maintenance and low enforcement of construction standards.