Syria Crisis: 90 civilians killed by Assad-Russian airstrikes

Syria Crisis: 90 civilians killed by Assad-Russian airstrikes

At least 90 people were killed in overnight airstrikes by Assad regime and Russian forces across Syria, according to monitors and opposition activists.

Most people were killed around Aleppo province, where a rebel alliance broke recently Assad regime’s siege on more than 300.000 civilians.

The air raids hit the only hospital for women and children in the town of Kafr Hamra, killing two staffers, including a nurse, while 10 people were rescued from the rubble, the Syrian Civil Defence said.

Airstrikes also hit a market in the nearby town of Urem al-Kubra, killing at least six people, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Urem al-Kubra lies on the road linking Aleppo to the northern rebel-controlled province of Idlib, which has also seen intense bombing.

“This is one of the highest death tolls we have seen in the recent days,” said Al Jazeera’s Reza Sayah, reporting from Gaziantep on the Turkish side of the Syria-Turkey border.

“The grim statistics came on a week in which the UN, international community renewed its call about the pause in fighting in order to get some aid to the people who desperately need it,” our correspondent said.

“These statistics, this death toll, is an indication that no one is hearing these calls.”

At least 30 civilians lost their lives on Saturday and about 50 were seriously wounded by heavy multiple airstrikes on many cities and towns in Idlib. 

In the village of Arab Sa’eed in Idlib western countryside, ten civilians lost their lives after their bodies were burned beyond recognition. This came after Assad or Russian warplanes attacked a road near barrels of oil derivatives put by a local vendor. Civil defense volunteers rushed to the site of the massacres to find no body in the attacked cars to be rescued.

In the city of Idlib near the Vegetables Marketplace and The Central Cooperative Society, Assad terrorists perpetrated a horrible massacre; seven civilians were killed and about 25 were seriously wounded.

Similar attacks were reported in Saraqeb, Taftanaz, Kafr Yahmool, Maaret al-Na’asan and Ma’arata in al-Zaweiya Mountain. No exact statistics of the death toll as many conditions were reported to be fatal cases, activist Hashem al-Abdullah based in Idlib said.

In Darayya in Damascus western countryside, Assad regime and Russians used the napalm cylinder bombs in attacking residential areas. Syria

“The city is being burned, 20 napalm cylinder bombs were dropped on the afflicted city,” an activist said.

“Assad regime troops have become very close to residential buildings where there are about 9000 civilians in The Al-Hadeed Sekkeh (The Railway) area,” an activist from Darayya said. Syria

It is estimated that 50 barrel bombs have been dropped by Assad warplanes on Darayya in the last 24 hours. The city is almost destroyed. Videos published on line prove that the city is lying on its ruins by the nonstop campaign of airstrikes and heavy artillery attacks. Syrians nicknamed Darayya, ’The Capital of Barrel Bombs’.

Also, Assad regime’s helicopters dropped on Saturday cylinder bombs on many residential areas in the city of Talbiseh in Homs northern countryside, activists said.

The air raids claimed many children’s lives in the Assad regime-besieged city as videos published by activists from the city showed.

Similar airstrikes were carried out by Assad terrorists on the villages of Deir Fool in Homs northern countryside and the neighboring village of al-Zara in Hama southern countryside.

Assad regime’s jet fighters and helicopters have never left the airspace of Homs northern countryside in the last 12 hours. Many casualties are still unaccounted for, because Assad regime’s heavy air attacks prevent rescuers from driving to remote places in the area.