American Jewish Congress Sent a Message of Condolences to the Saudi King

The American Jewish Congress sent on July 11 a message of condolences to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to extend their condolences to the families of all those killed and injured in the terror attacks in Jeddah, Qatif, and Medina, Saudi Arabia on July 5, according to Huffington Post which republished the message on Tuesday. However, the message was first published by Vice President of the American Jewish Congress Munr kazmir on his personal blog on July 15.

“As President and Vice President of the AJ Congress, we are firmly committed to the U.S.-Saudi relations, and the ongoing efforts between our two countries to address radical extremism and incitement to violence”, said Munr kazmir  in his letter

The Vice President of the AJ Congress affirmed that “the challenges we are facing these days, especially from the recent wave of terrorist attacks across the globe” motivate the American Jewish congress “to appreciate the advancement of these special relations between them and the Kingdom under His Majesty King Salman.”

The letter addressed to Saudi Arabia through Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir, was not posted on the official website page of the American Jewish Congress, but it was only published on the personal blog of AJ Congress Vice President Munr kazmir.

According to the AJ Congress’s website, Munr kazmir is a Pakistani doctor, recognized for his leadership and continuous support for Jewish causes.

On 1997, The Prime Minister of Israel and the Mayor of Jerusalem granted Dr. Kazmir the Theodore Hertzel Award in recognition of his exceptional humanitarian efforts.