A prominent pro-coup and Al-Sisi supporter publicly apologizes to Egypt’s Morsi

The surprises of 2017 are coming from the very first day. Sameh Abu Arayes, one of the supporters of al-Sisi and the military coup in 2013 has criticized the al-Sisi regime and publicly apologized to Morsi on his Facebook page

Sameh Abou Arayes was one of the supporters of the military coup in 2013 against Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected in Egypt’s history. He always defended Mubarak, the late tyrant of Egypt who was overthrown by the January revolution in 2011. Also, Abou Arayes was the organizer of the 2012 presidency election campaign for Umar Suleiman, the director of Egypt’s General Intelligence Service during the era of Mubarak.

Sameh Abou Arayes was also a strong supporter of Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, who led the military coup against Morsi in 2013. Moreover, he has been attacking and insulting Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood over three years.

However recently, Abou Arayes has publicly apologized to President Mohamed Morsi . He said in a statement he posted on his Facebook page:

“I have a couple of words that I want to say at the beginning of the New Year in order to relieve my conscience. After the government has approved the waiver of the two islands of Tiran and Sanafir (to Saudi Arabia) and referred them to the parliament for ratification, it is clear that Al-Sisi is currently committing all what we previously accused “Morsi” of or what we were afraid he (Morsi) would have done (if he had remained in office).

– We were afraid that Morsi would waive part of the Sinai Peninsula, but today Al-Sisi is waiving the two islands of Tiran and Sanafir (to Saudi Arabia).

– We were afraid that Morsi would plunge Egypt into debts, implement the agenda of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), devaluate the Egyptian currency, and lift subsidies, but today Al-Sisi  has carried out all this. He flooded Egypt with foreign loans, and the dollar’s exchange rate has reached twenty pounds. He (Al-Sisi) is canceling subsidies, wants to sell the government-owned hospitals,  and is literally implementing all the agenda of the International Monetary Fund.

– We used to say that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood would repress anyone who might disagree with them, and that they would follow a fascist policy in the name of religion and turn their opponents into ant-religion actors. However today, Al-Sisi and his supporters have turned Egypt into a fascist country in the name of patriotism. Those who oppose Al-Sisi are now considered anti-army actors, traitors, and they are usually exposed to insults by the (pro-regime) media and electronic committees. The Al-Sisi opponents are possibly exposed to enforced disappearance, detention, or they would even be liquidated on the street.

The truth is that the current regime is committing much more heinous acts than what we were afraid the Brotherhood would have done.

It is noteworthy that most of the things that we attacked Morsi for were only fears and expectations. In fact, we haven’t seen Morsi waiving Egypt’s lands, for example. Also, we have not seen Morsi slaughtering dissidents in the streets such as what happened in Rabaa and Al-Nahda and others. We have not even seen any cases of enforced disappearance during Morsi’s era.

So, I feel that we really wronged Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Oh Morsi, we are sorry!!”

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