The Egyptian Armed Forces Shot A Child Dead In Sinai

Tribal sources and eyewitnesses in North Sinai stated that the Egyptian armed forces -centered at Abu al-Rafaei military checkpoint ,south Sheikh Zuweid- have opened fire randomly which led to the death of a child and the injury of his grandfather, as reported by to Rassd News Network.

The sources added that the child’s name of Mohamed Ahmed Morshed (9 years-old)and the wounded grand father is called Morshed Selim (55 years-old).

On the other hand, three soldiers were injured by an explosive device near al-Joura village, south of Sheikh Zuweid and a conscript was shot by a sniper south of Rafah.

These news come hours after the death and the injury of three civilians by the Egyptian armed forces south Al-Arish. Moreover, 7 civilians were killed and injured an explosive device blast, west the city.

Insurgency operations that targeted the Egyptian armed forces and police have escalated since the military coup in 2013 led by al-Sisi against the first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi.

Sinai Province-a group affiliated to the Islamic State (ISIS)-has carried out several operations against the Egyptian security forces camps and checkpoints. As a result, the Egyptian armed forces launched a massive attack against the militants in Sinai Peninsula.

Sinai people, who have been subjected to discrimination by various Egyptian governments, live in desperate conditions after the Egyptian armed forces were had forced many of them to evacuate their lands and homes .

The Egyptian armed forces evacuated the area to establish a buffer zone to secure Israel security by eradicating the potential danger of smuggling tunnels.

Around 1,110 houses on the Egyptian side had been demolished in 2015 to make way for the expanding buffer zone, with more than 1,000 families displaced.

In addition to displacement, Sinai people have been subjected to arbitrary detention and random killing by the Egyptian security forces.