3 Years after the Military Coup: the Egyptian Youths Are Punished in Prisons

After three Years of the military coup, thousands of youths are detained, tortured and abused in Egypt’s prisons. Some are waiting for their death penalties while others lost hope as they will live their youth in prison. Ahmed al- Baqry-the Vice President of  Egypt’s Students Union- wrote an article titled:”If You asked them: They will say we are fighting Terrorism”which was published on Huffington Post,  describing the ugly reality that the Egyptian youths are living in the country three years after the coup.

The article reads:

A handsome young Egyptian youth in the late twenties walks in a steady pace inside the Reichstag building in Berlin, where the German Parliament “Bundestag” headquarters is located.

He was one of few Egyptian students who have the chance to get a scholarship for study and research offered by the German parliament for distinguished young people.

When the young Egyptian student entered the elevator, and before closing its doors, a lady rushed to the elevator with her assistance. He was surprised to realize that lady was the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her way to the Parliament.

In a courageous move; he greeted her and discussed with her in clear sentences and fluent language some messages related to his homeland’s issues.

The young student, who accomplished his scholarship, was showered with offers to stay in Germany to complete his study. Instead, he insisted on returning to his university-Al Azhar University- to complete his study and transfer what he learned to the students.

Unfortunately, time didn’t help him.

A few months after his return, he was detained by the Egyptian security forces on charges of the assassination of Egypt’s Public Prosecutor!!

His colleagues have presented evidence that proved his presence in Germany during the assassination, but no one responds.

Ahmed Mustafa- Please, memorize his name well, as one day he will attract everyone’s attention.

Ahmed graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Al-Azhar University. He was the first of his department, college, and university. This means that he has achieved the first position after competing 45,000 students.

Afterward, he was appointed in his college to start his scientific distinguished career, but the hands of injustice have crushed the promising future of this young man. But one day this sorrow will vanish and Ahmed will be free with other young people who were also killed and imprisoned and tortured by the same injustice hands.

What guilt did they do to be killed? What guilt did they do to be imprisoned? What guilt did they do to be tortured and abused?

A whole young generation is being punished now in Egypt only because they once dreamed of freedom, justice ,and democracy. They wanted to paint to their homeland a hopeful picture using quill of peacefulnessl. But they confiscated the ink and papers. They declared ideas as terrorism and sought rescue from the military suit.
The days will pass and after years we will wake up on a tragedy; the robbery of a homeland and the displacement of its people and the loss of its destiny.

Throughout this time, the robber bets that time will help to forget what happened. He also bets on the suppression as a tool to crush the voices, control the ideas and impose influence and power.

After a few days, the military coup will have completed its third year, but during this time Egypt’s face has completely changed.

I will not talk about the obvious economic decline, security retreat, or deterioration of Egypt’s status among the countries of the world,  but I will scream out loud on behalf of the rest of my generation to express what they feel of oppression and injustice.

I declare that those who were unjustly imprisoned won’t come out after few years as dream interpreters like Prophet Youssef (Joseph, a prophet who lived all his life confronting schemes made by the people closest to him. His brothers plotted to kill him, but they amended it to exiling him. This happened to him while he was a boy. He was sold into the slave market in Egypt, where he was bought for a nominal sum. Then he fell victim to the attempted seduction by an Egyptian official’s wife at the time, who sent him to prison -when her wish was foiled- where he remained for some time. In spite of all of this, he at length approached close to the Egyptian throne and became the king’s chief minister after he interpreted a dream for the King).

I will talk about the person who lost his father, brother, or his childhood friendI will also talk about the girl whose innocence was killed.

The days have not been merciful on this generation as well as the homeland, empowering a gang of traitors who sell the land in order to buy what makes them survive for another day or more.

I carry on my shoulders a heavy responsibility: to warn every rational person that is keen on his homeland; to whisper in the ears of those who have conscience #Rescue _the youth.

Do not let another year come while the Egyptian youths lie in the prisons as prisons don’t create distinguished people.

Do not let ideas formulate under the whips of torture, as the outcome will not be a pleasant one.

The experience is the best evidence; we are talking about a young generation who are left as a prey for ideas that will lead this country to hell.

We are now to choose between a generation that led January revolution in a civilized way that impressed the world or a generation that are being shaped by the agony and misery of prisons, and we don’t know which path they will choose!!